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Store Suggestion

Level 2
I'm sure something like this would have already been suggested multiple times but in the off chance it has not and the dev team are interested in suggestions...

The ability to sort items on the store based of fixed criteria:

Sort by price: Toggles between showing highest price items (as in top left position with the default tiles layout) then lowest priced items.


Item one $75
Item two $15
Item three $40

Sort by highest price would be: Item one, Item three, Item two
Sort by lowest price would be: Item two, Item three, Item one

Sort by alphanumeric: Toggle between 1, 2, 3, ... a, b, c, etc or 999, 998, 997 ... Z, etc

Sort by default: Reverts sorting to default

Additional store functionality:

Surprise me button
Opens a random store item page with every item having equal probability

Store Groups button
Toggles on or off grouping types of times together - games are one group (example: beat saber), applications are another (example: a web browser), etc.