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Storming The Battlefields In Contractors With Pretty Neat VR!

Level 7

So over the Holiday break I finally got a chance to try out Contractors and also got a visit from my good friend and fellow VRSpies member Billy or as you guys most likely know him Pretty Neat VR.

We had actually played the game together a few nights ago and then Billy flew in and surprised me with a visit. Needless to say, but it was great to be able to hang out in person with someone I had become friends with over the years in VR.

As for the game I am loving it! Contractors is an amazing VR FPS that fires on all their right cylinders... Great gameplay, good graphics and solid MP make this one a true contender in the growing VR shooter category.

So if you are into shooters, I can't recommend checking this one out enough!

"I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is the headlamp of the oncoming virtual hype train!"

Level 15
Is this game on the Oculus Store or just Steam? I'm defiantly buying this one. I also heard you mention Onward having respawn. It's been a while since I played Onward, but how would respawn work in that game given the game modes require you to die in game?

Level 7
I think the next Onward update in January will have a new game mode with respawning

Level 8
Yeah i picked this up last week, i like it alot.