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Switch accounts on iPhone via Facebook

Level 2

I set up my Oculus account yesterday, connected to my already existing Facebook profile. Downloaded the Oculus app on my iPhone and it linked to my Facebook for logging in. 


This morning I set up an Oculus account for my kid. I created a basic Facebook profile for her to use for it. She now choses her own account when playing on the Oculus. 


I want to be able to cast via the app on my iPhone, but it is already connected to my Facebook profile. I log out of my account on the Oculus app, log out of my Facebook on the Facebook app and then re-open the Oculus app. I  get the screen that asks you 'continue with Facebook' or 'Have an Oculus Account?'. I click 'Continue with Facebook' hoping to log on as my kid's Facebook profile, connecting to her Oculus account to cast while she plays, but the only option it gives me is to connect via my Facebook account. It asks if it's OK for Oculus to sign in using Facebook and then there are two options - 'Continue as myself' or 'cancel'. Nothing that lets me continue as someone else. 


I have tried logging into my iPhone's Facebook app as my kid, but I still get the same options. Either 'Continue as myself' or 'cancel'. 


How do I log into the Oculus app on my iPhone with a different Facebook account?


Level 2

I’m having this same problem and would also love an answer! 

Level 2

I also need a solution for this