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TPCAST Wireless Adapter - Would you pay the price?

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TPCAST have announced that their wireless adapter for Rift will be out at the end of the year. In the UK, Scan are taking pre-orders for the Vive model which is nearly £320.;

While I'm interested in it as a product, I can't justify paying only £79 less than the whole Rift set-up for the privilege. 

Are you interested in it? Would you pay that much for it? If not, how much would you be willing to spend to lose the cables?

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Volunteer Moderator

Morgrum said:

Id rather keep wifi away from my gourd.

Another concern is having my brain microwaved by the signal  😄 I remember the debate a while back about mobile phones causing abnormalities being held close to the head.

If you have a CV1, it's a little late for that, you already have a 2.4GHz radio strapped to your face (it has bluetooth built in). 🙂

I just did a little research on the TPCAST, hmm, it's not exactly working the way I thought. I didn't realise you need to use a customised wifi router on your pc to get to the internet. WTF?

Here's a diagram I took from UploadVR:

So your pc hdmi and usb connect to the tpcast transmitter (60GHz) via the link box. But you need to use the tpcast router to get on the internet. Why? What is the router doing?
According to the tpcast website:
The TPCAST solution was set in a way that the supplied router is
required. The router connects the TPCAST wireless adapter to the HTC
VIVE HMD and is responsible for transferring the information from the
HMD to the PC. The router is customized and optimized to work with the
TPCAST wireless adapter. To avoid connection issues, it is not
recommended to use a different router.

So it seems the 60GHz unit is purely for transmission. The return data (headset tracking, wand tracking, state, etc) is all sent over normal wifi. Well, "normal" wifi, since apparently regular wifi routers don't work I guess.

Also at the moment the vive camera doesn't work with tpcast and the microphone wasn't supported (might be now, not sure).

Remember that 60GHz is pretty much pure line of site. The best option is to put the transmitter on the ceiling looking down, but it needs hdmi, usb and power cables running from your pc to the transmitter (on the roof). Ouch. You can also mount it on a wall, but if you turn away and bend forward (so your head goes between the tpcast receiver and transmitter) it loses the video signal.

The transmitter also makes noise. Sweviver (a youtube guy who did an unboxing of it) says it makes more noise than a lighthouse unit.

I really want wireless, but this seems very problematic for the high cost.

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Plenty of videos on youtube - best one i've seen is here:

Looks like a nightmare to set up - too many parts but coverage is very good.  27.30 is where he tests it - he pretty much needs to cover it up with his hands to lose signal.

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Bumping for an update. I saw these Reviews today on Facebook, for both the Rift and Vive:

TPCast arrived and it's a game changer. The stock software is broken,
though. Tracking is garbage and something the company is aiming to fix.
HOWEVER there is a group who created alternative software named "Open
TPCast" and it fixed every single issue including the microphone. With
this software fix, the TPCast is an incredible upgrade. As someone who
loves to turn naturally for immersion purposes, this device is a game
changer and I am loving every second of it.

Tested with a VIVE. Was terrible. Wearing an Accupack in the Pants or the belt is a lot more uncomfortable than having a cable. I felt also a lot of heat during plays. Cable from the ceiling is still the best solution.

These can be found on the Rift Group:

Level 9
I'm considering getting the TPCAST but the ZED mini is more interesting currently
The 110 degree field of view is also dramatically bigger than other AR
devices we’ve tried, such as the Microsoft HoloLens’ paltry 35 degrees.
I have tried the HoloLens and the very small FOV made it anticlimactic. OTOH the HoloLens does have inside out tracking.

The TPCAST with the ZED mini would probably be even better. Now that I think about it though desktop GPU power is probably not necessary for AR assuming the graphics projected only makes up a small fraction of the display (as in the example videos).

Level 13
I'd buy it for $100 to $150.  Fat chance it'll drop that low with all the hardware.  A unit with it's own router?  I just got used to the cable after the year+ I've been using this.  In most games I avoid the cable as seamlessly as I use the nose gap to see outside of the HMD to use the mouse on the computer.  It is no longer even remotely immersion breaking because muscle memory took over.   But if this did drop to a reasonable price, I'd buy it.

Level 4
I would personally buy one for both my Vive and Rift if it wasn't for the router. I have a 60GHz router already. too bad i can't just use that instead