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TPCAST Wireless Adapter - Would you pay the price?

Level 8
TPCAST have announced that their wireless adapter for Rift will be out at the end of the year. In the UK, Scan are taking pre-orders for the Vive model which is nearly £320.;

While I'm interested in it as a product, I can't justify paying only £79 less than the whole Rift set-up for the privilege. 

Are you interested in it? Would you pay that much for it? If not, how much would you be willing to spend to lose the cables?

Level 16
Nope. No interest at all. Even if it was £99.

The battery dying would ruin your immersion, the battery exploding would ruin your knackers and I'm fine with the cable.
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Level 8
Can understand you not being interested, it depends on what you do in VR. Unless you play more than 5 hours sessions a day, battery dying is not going to be an issue. What is with the constant battery exploding thing that people keep going on about, anyone would think it's a widespread issue, which it clearly isn't. 

Level 16

I'd buy it for under $60 U.S.

It would be good for athletic type games (boxing, VR Sports). These are games that I rarely play longer than 1-2 hours. But the current pricepoint isn't worth it imo, since I would still rather run outside than work up a sweat in VR.

Level 7
its a moot point ...its for the vive

Level 16

its a moot point ...its for the vive

Actually, it's being released for the Rift this year

Level 11
Id rather keep wifi away from my gourd.
And id rather not have to worry about charging the damn thing ever 45mins.

Level 12
how much??!! 😮

seriously, this is some luxury, cables would really have to be annoying you. That is nearly a whole new rift
Look, man. I only need to know one thing: where they are. 

Level 12

..I absolutely HATE that effing cable.
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Level 13
lol i knew you'd come on Wildt - you were the only one who said this last month:

It's great that wireless VR is "kind of" here but that price...