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Talos Principle VR and all Serious Sam VR games bundle on sale on Steam

Level 8
Steam currently have a sale on for the Croteam Bundle at 92% discount.

Bundle includes:

Talos Principle VR
Serious Sam The First Encounter VR
Serious Sam The Second Encounter VR
Serious Sam 3 BFE VR 
Serious Sam Last Hope VR

That's £150 worth of games for just £12.78 !!!!!


Level 15
Seriously, lol!!!

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Level 11
Thanks for HU - I have two of the titles (and never thought I would like Serious Sam, but in VR it's loadsa fun) in the pack, but they reduced the price accordingly, so bought.

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Level 7
And to think I paid $80 for all of them on a "discount" ugh!

Level 15

gr0bda said:

And to think I paid $80 for all of them on a "discount" ugh!

Yup, me too lol 😄

It was a good bargain at the time though!
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Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever

Level 11
The job they did converting these to VR was just fantastic, and for £12.75 this is a steal, so if you don't have them grab them NOW!
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Level 15
Talos Principle VR is now 85 % off on Steam:

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Level 12
Like a wally I bought the Talos principle gold and then realised it didn’t include VR so had to refund and buy again.

just remember the  VR bit although I think there’s not long left on the offer.

Level 3
how can you tell how long is left on the bundle?  I just bought the talos principle like 2 hours ago.  then saw the bundle offer so i refunded talos before even installing to buy the bundle.  however the bundle doesn't include talos because it sees it in my library until the refund is processed.  i'd not mind buying and waiting for the refund later but i'm afraid after the refund i won't have talos in the bundle

Level 15
@RuneSR2 - Does the Talos Gold edition bring anything more to VR over the standard edition?