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Terrible customer service

Level 2

I ordered a oculus quest 2 on 4/2/21 and here us is literally 13 days after they took my money they havnt even shipped it out and I've asked for a refund several times and I've been told they will "try" to refund me my money and one time they said they were going to send it out that day. I'm very unsatisfied and I'm going to go I'll every forum I can find and tell everyone not to purchase this product. Serious what the hell!!!


Level 9

Did you order direct from Oculus?  I see its also available to buy from other large online retailers and can be delivered Monday. 

I'm sure we've all been there and feeling annoyed when delivery gets delayed.  It is indeed frustrating especially  when you are really looking forward to the product coming.

Im not sure delivery delays reflects the product though and feel its a bit harsh tell people not to buy it for that reason, but hey, you have a bad experience and it leads you to an opinion you are entitled to share.

And that negative review can be read along with all the other negative and positive reviews and experiences helping others to make an informed choice.

Try to remember the reasons you ordered it in the 1st place.  Maybe its a great product thats popular, maybe its in high demand and thats why there is delays, 

"You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln 

Level 3

That's why you order directly