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The DK2 lenses are TERRIBLE - they scratch far to easily.

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I have had my DK2 kit for less than a day and only used the supplied Oculus microfiber cloth to clean the lenses. I had the DK1 for a year and never got a scratch on the lens. This afternoon I thought the lenses seemed dirty, upon closer inspection I was shocked to find the lenses had swirl scratches all over both of them. This is very disappointing and unless I got a bad pair of lenses it is going to be a problem with all the DK2 lenses, no matter how careful people are with them.

Picture of scratches:

I have also posted this on Reddit:

My advice, please do your best to be extra cautious with your own lenses, they will get scratched but maybe if you are super careful they'll last a little longer. Oculus, you need to come up with a solution for these lenses, they are not durable enough, not for a development kit, and certainly not for a consumer model.
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"jamacias" wrote:
"Mradr" wrote:
"jamacias" wrote:

Oh cool the good ole "beta" excuse. So basically they could've sent us a box with nothing in it because well, it's in beta. Or something like "the screen doesn't turn on," oh but it's in beta, you should've known this.

They're still obligated to send a working item, the lenses are not working, because they get scratched far too easily and eventually they'll be clouded with scratches. Or if you were unlucky enough there will be scratches in the main focal area of the lenses.

Just because it's a development kit doesn't excuse them from criticisms.

But they do work? You can see throw them and that means they work. The problem is that they degrade over time, but that doesn't mean they are not working.

So yes, its the going to be the same o story. Don't like it? Then don't buy it x.x how hard is that to understand?

Ok, your points are ridiculous. You completely glanced over the part where some are dead on arrival. Mine were, they were scratched in the middle so everything was blurry. This is a beta, so we're entitled to have opinions on it. This is the time they should use to take our opinions as developers into consideration to make the next version even better. The lenses are shit, and there is a problem with them as stated by cyber.

"If you don't like it don't buy it", oh slick off mate. I didn't know they'd come with defected lenses. I bought the DK1 and loved it and it didn't have defected lenses. So I preordered the DK2 not expecting lenses that came dead on arrival.

It's been a month since they've found out there's a problem and still they haven't released anything on it.

And read the post before yours, he brings up good points also, but of course you're going to tailor your "dont criticize, if you don't like it don't buy it" middle school argument.

Oh I have and made many good points, so I can tell you lack the ability to search as well.
1) You have the right to complain

2) You don't have entitled rights

3) They are looking into this and they said they didn't have this issue with the samples that they had. The problem is coming from something or somewhere else and they are not sure what is causing this just yet - They just recently found what might be causing the issue and are looking into fixing it.

4) They already know what they need to do to make it better and you are not the first to give your option on this matter. (aka, you are just playing with the band wagon)

5) Dur, we already know all this and you are just repeating it again.. and again. Ever poster that repeats the same dam thing seem to be under 30 post and never research problems with the current DK2 it seems o.o; (This is been know for more than a few months)

6) Don't want to worry about the problems? Then don't buy the DK2... how many times do people have to say that? It's not a fan boy thing or a stick thing... it's a slap your self in the face for being stupid thing. You don't bet all your money away do you? I mean if you do o.o; well dam... that's your first problem right there.

7) What do you want them to do? Give away free lenses? Maybe they don't have enough stock to even sell them yet. Maybe they have to create orders, shipping, and everything else to sell replacement lens. That takes more than a few weeks alone... even then.. that wont help if they are selling bad lenses. You are better off finding the problem first, fix it, and then redo this process. That would take longer than a few months.

😎 DK2 = beta... >.>;

9) I have the right to complain at you for your complain 😄 (Isn't it funny???)

"glenndebacker" wrote:
"Semicidal" wrote:
Sound's to me like you don't know what a development kit is.

That argument is just plain fanboy drivel. When I bought my share of development kits that was always under the premise that specification could change and that the development kit could differ (positive or negative) regarding the consumer version.

Any experienced developer knows that. I have been a professional developer for more then 15 years, here are my credentials and I had my share of "development kits". Most of them still working year after date... .

But that doesn't elude the fact that suddenly development kits - that for some people are a lot of money, the living conditions are not for everyone the same - should come with defects that hampers development in the long run.

If the scratches renders the device unusable after a while that is plain unacceptable. Especially in a dev environment where you quickly iterate and have the device on and off - or do you write code with the oculus on ?- the ease of how it can get scratches is troublesome. Maybe people should not use the development kit then to develop stuff ?

It is a "development kit" and those things come - in my experience - mostly not with some kind of expiration date. So the whole " it is a development kit , so you should wait for the consumer version" argument is in my dev view plain idiotic. I'm not even convinced that a developer would say such a thing. I should be able to "develop" - you know some of use really use those things to develop thing - a month from here, a year from here, ... .

Hell I know developers that are content with the DK1 -power to them - and still use that as there development kit.

Yes you are right, some people clearly don't seem to know what a development kit is... .

1) Glad for you, but development kit don't always live that long either. Sounds like you are either just got lucky or they sent you a non customer device in this case. You are also over looking the fact this is a beta device of hardware. This makes it harder, over software, to update or fix any problems that might come out of the factory on the first larger scale shipping of their product. (Remember, Oculus is only going on 2 years old as a large scale company.)

2) If you can't risk - then don't buy it... as I said above. Don't bet all your money away if you can't risk a gamble. That's all DK are a bit. They can't promise the world just yet or even have a ground to stand on to compare just yet, so it's up to customers to weigh the risk on a beta device. Not that you can't trust they will do their best to give you what you want, but that it's not set in stone and they dealt with all the problems like a finish product has gon throw.

3) It's a problem, you are right, but it's not a problem that seem to be easily fix or otherwise they would've done so by now don't you think? I bet they are willing to help with replacements (and I know they have), but the problem still is there and they were looking into why. Could be a number of things you and I don't know about or care to understand, period, but it still takes time to work and get everything ready. As a developer I would hope you would understand this xD So it makes me question a bit 😉

4) You talk like beta should be the final product... "I bough the beta! It should work bug free!" xD Sorry, but that's all I am hearing from your post...

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Mradr coul'd you please let this thread alone for the people who really have a (physical) problem with their LENSES and switch to a thread where people have a problem with their EGO? 😉
...why so serious?

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"clone" wrote:
Mradr coul'd you please let this thread alone for the people who really have a (physical) problem with their LENSES and switch to a thread where people have a problem with their EGO? 😉

Like you? O.o;

Sorry if I make what you say sound silly, but it's true. Every post here keeps either doing one or two things:
1) "It's been a month and nothing!"
2) "They shouldn't sell a bug product!"
3) "I have the right to get non scratch lens for free!"
4) "Why can't I buy new lenses?"
5) "Wtf, I got products that were from xx and they work great for years!"

Yet, the problem hasn't been fix just yet and or they are looking into what the problem even is!
1) They know about it and they are trying to help out, but it'll be a little while before they can help out on a large scale. In some cases, I know they sent replacements, so I know they are willing to work with the customers when they can.

1.5) The problem isn't a simple problem or on their end and they are having to go back to their venders to have them fix their problem. This means the problem could be a manufacturing issue witch I know is over a lot of peoples heads at that point. Lens are not just a piece of glass just fyi 😉

2) It's a beta device and problems will happen so stop saying there shouldn't be any problems xD lol!

3) I bet they will sell replacement parts once they get some stock in to sell out and or help people with their current device. This takes time to setup everything on a retail level and a manufacture level. Aka, it takes time >.>;

4) They are less than 2 years old as a large scale company, so yea.. they wont have everything in place/working for a while in terms of no problems.

5) Most DKs from other companies usually do one or two things with their products: 1) They give out cherry pick parts and let others test them out or 2) Increase the price so they can cover any problems and or quality insurance.

6) If you think DK2 was bad for the wait... wait till CV1 hits o.o; xD mass panic everywhere! lol Hopefully not, but I can see everyone panicking really fast because of any small delays xD

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"Errormayhem" wrote:
Wow! Not 24 Hours of use and Swirly Scratches all over! wish i would of seen this post like 8 hours ago! Anyway, I did a fine job scratching up the "A" set of Lens, If anyone wants to trade a perfect "B" set for your unused "A" set Please let me Know! I'll even pay shipping! 😉

Imho the lenses are the same for A und B just the cups differ, so you can just switch them out carefully.

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I have ordered the savvies but as I just received my DK2 of course I wanted to try them. So far I have left the protective plastic sheet that is stuck on the lenses out of the box. Amazingly it doesn't seem to be interfering with the visuals so I am just going to leave them on until the savvies arrive.

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Im expecting to receive my DK2 next week, and now I'm worried about all this scratch problem...

I think I'm going to order some protective film... what's the size of the lenses? Will these fit okay?

In the meantime, I can use the lenses with the plastic they come in, right?

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I don't know if this has been mentioned but, there are products to buff plastic lenses (Auto headlight housings) and very fine paint finish compounds that should work to minimize the scratches. I use a micro-cloth for cleaning but, my lenses are getting quite scratched and will be trying polish soon.

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At this point, with possible production of CV1 lenses coming up soon, I'm betting that manufacturing of DK2 lenses is ramping down, and they're only making them as needed for new DK2's.

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I don't see CV1 coming before October 2015 so DK2 lenses will be produced for a good few months.
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"Mradr" wrote:

4) You talk like beta should be the final product... "I bough the beta! It should work bug free!" xD Sorry, but that's all I am hearing from your post...

I think that if that is what you are reading, that you have some problems with reading comprehension.

The DK2 is targeted to software developers under the premise that the hardware can change. I never once had to "gamble" with SDK's, are you for real... ? I didn't misread the whole checkbox thing stating that I was a developer or am I in the wrong program and the whole development kit was really targeted to product designers ?

That the hardware isn't perfect was known from the start but there is a big difference between imperfect specs or quirks (like the fact that one of the screws to adjust the distance of the cups is loose which doesn't impact any development tasks) and something that may possible render the device unusable for you know... developing as it is a development kit. You do know where the letters DK stand for I hope ?

The whole "it should be bugfree" is really just a way to bring the whole discussion on an intellectual dishonest level. Because it isn't about a perfect or bug free device or having the perfect specs, but being able to use the device for what it is intended for and that for some time.

I'm not attacking oculus/fb for it because they are investigating it and I'm sure that there will be a solution in the end, but I find the whole defense force argumentation extremely annoying and not very helpful.

So as I don't want to gamble how am I supposed to use the development kit then, let it sit in the box and where do I go from here ? Is there some kind of magic button in my IDE that I can press ? I have sometimes the feeling that the argument is that you shouldn't be developing on a development kit... .

And frankly that is the last thing that I want to say about it because this is tiresome and below a certain level of discussion. So you are free to post TLDR reactions all day long.