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The Index thread (please keep to subject)

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As per the title, please respect the users who post here and keep it on topic, any nonsense and......grrr
A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.

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Never really occurred to me to do anything with it.

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Chronos works close to perfectly using Index res 400% and highest in-game graphics settings 😮 


I really don't think Chronos can get much better - of course you could get more real res with G2 or Vive Pro 2, but G2 has less fov and bad controllers. Maybe Vive Pro 2 is the winner with Knuckles - but the Index sound is awesome. 


Well - I'm more than happy for the Index res 400% - no more jaggies (or close) - mostly solid 90 fps, only saw very few dips below 90 fps, but even with an oc'ed RTX 3090 res 400% isn't exactly free, lol. Or maybe explained in another way: the game using Index res 400% performs about twice as good as when I used CV1 ss 2.0 (which was 45 fps ASW 2.0) with the GTX 1080 - and that says almost everything 🤓


Click to enlarge (all shots = Index res 400%):



Index res 400% - also see the dynamic light from the torch (and the shadow from the torch)



Nice dynamic shadows again - textures aren't that good in Chronos, thus getting more res might not be that important, especially when the view distance is low. Note how sharp/clear objects are in the background.



Awesome environments - clear and without jaggies. Maybe more physical res would be nice here, still the game looks beyond amazing with the big Index fov



Game is quite a lot like Dark Souls... 



Another nice room - with no jaggies



I never get tired of those great dynamic shadows


Chronos with Index res 400% is one of the most impressive VR games I can think of, combining great graphics with an amazing story and gameplay. 

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@RuneSR2 wrote:

you could get more real res with G2 or Vive Pro 2, but G2 has less fov and bad controllers.

Chronos is a 3rd Person Perspective game that is best played with a Gamepad. Hand controllers have no benefit with a game like this. In fact, using any hand-controllers (including Knuckles) would be more of a disadvantage due to how this game's combat system was developed.


I would say that the G2 and possibly Vive Pro 2 would provide better visuals; same with the Quest 2, since the Quest 2 has less Glare and SDE than the Index. Chronos has so many gorgeous environments that it really needs to be enjoyed with the least amount of Glare and SDE.