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The Index thread (please keep to subject)

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As per the title, please respect the users who post here and keep it on topic, any nonsense and......grrr
A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.

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@pyroth309 wrote:

I wonder if Valve is even making a profit on Index at $999 with all of the replacement parts they have to send out.

Probably not, similar to how Oculus is notorious for taking losses on all their VR Hardware. HTC openly commented on Quest 2's pricing, and how it can't be matched because Facebook is intentionally taking a loss on the hardware cost in order to gain revenue elsewhere (Software, Facebook Account valuation).


I'm sure Valve has taken the same approach, since they can take the losses on the Hardware but make it for it with the value that comes from users utilizing Steam for all their VR Software purchases.


But yeah, the Index has been RMA'd to hell and back since release. Luckily Valve is a strong company and can offset the cost elsewhere.

Oh yea, I know this is a drop in the bucket for Valve as a company, but it could impact how quick they bring out an Index 2 if this one is taking losses from all the RMA.

I don't think Valve priced it as aggressively as Oculus did. I remember them saying the Base stations are only like $70 or something to make (don't quote me on that but it's under 100 for sure) and they're charging 150 for them. Decent margin considering there's no middleman for Valve to sell them.

RMA's is probably why we haven't seen a price reduction yet.

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New escape room coming up - devs have confirmed full support for Knuckles - although I'm not that fond of escape room games, but this one is real VR - nice (ok-ish) poly levels and textures:



Arrives in 1 month - more info here:






Still does look like an Index 144 fps res 300 % game, lol


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"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"

@RuneSR2 wrote:

 this one is real VR - nice (ok-ish) poly levels and textures:



Again, visuals don't define VR (or "real VR"). Until this game is actually released, nobody will know if it is "real VR" as that depends on whether the game is fully immersive or not. It is the immersive experience that defines "real VR," not poly levels and textures.

Nice, possibly with the pandemic on its last legs hopefully, they are now getting stuff manufactured.

One thing worth considering when trying to portray the current Index CV1 + the current 3090 as "real VR" is the simple fact that: There will inevitably be a better VR HMD that puts Index to shame and a better GPU that puts the 3090 to shame.


Thus if we follow the logic presented so often in this discussion, wouldn't that mean that the Index as it exists today along with the 3090 are in fact "NOT real VR"?


If every current generation of hardware is defining what is "real" vs "not real" yet hardware generations constantly get better, then it can only logically follow that nothing about VR today is real.


Ergo, if we follow the fictitious logic that Index + 3090 = real VR while Quest 2 <> Real VR, then logic dictates that whatever VR HMD + GPU that is released in 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, etc., will prove that:

Index + 3090 <> Real VR


This is the inherent flaw with believing that Graphic Quality dictates whether a VR implementation is "real vs not real."


The simple fact is that VR's success doesn't rely on graphics quality. A fact that has been known to VR Enthusiasts for many years now.


The only thing that can make VR 'more real' than what we have today is: Brain Implants.


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Boneworks meets Doom?

Into the Darkness looking pretty sweet!

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Looks a lot better than Boneworks to me - also looks like a game where you'll profit from perfect tracking and life-like refresh rates will matter. Some shots from Steam:






What's up this year when it comes to really great things? 


Lone Echo 2

Into The Darkness

After The Fall



Undead Citadel

Green Hell VR



Blunt Force


District Steel (I hope, some say 4th Qrt 2021)


Probably forgot some... But if just a few of the above eggs hatch, 2021 might be a great year for VR gaming.

Then again, of course some may not hatch well, it's happened before... 😂



It already is a nice year for VR - I'm greatly enjoying making masks, even if the PS4 poly levels are starting to feel ... limited. A Wake Inn is pretty impressive too - but very demanding with the GTX 1080, haven't tested it yet with the 3090, might be another game changer 😉

Valve Index & Oculus Rift CV1, Asus Strix OC RTX™ 3090, i9-10900K (5.3Ghz), 32GB 3200MHz, 8TB
"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"

Yeah the year for VR is definitely shaping up to be pretty exciting.

I don't purchase very many made for VR games - namely cause I spend so much time in DCS, IL-2, and MS FS2020. But I do enjoy occasionally the really good ones, and Into the Darkness I have added to my wish-list. Looks like a must have for me.


Close to finishing a Hornet campaign in DCS, after that I will probably switch to Index and start Boneworks.

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