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The Index thread (please keep to subject)

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As per the title, please respect the users who post here and keep it on topic, any nonsense and......grrr
A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.

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@Oculus_RyanS @DaftnDirect - I found this review of Furious Seas quite helpful. However, with the review residing in the Index thread, and this thread being limited to Index owners - it is difficult to participate in the discussion. Could we move game reviews such as this in to their own thread so that all VR users can participate in the discussion (not just Index owners)?


Thanks much for the review @RuneSR2 !

I was considering getting this one and that helps, much appreciated.

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You're welcome - actually just for 90 fps with the Index, you really need that RTX 3090. I would not want to play this game using anything but a 3090. Actually something even faster would be nice too, lol - as you can see benefits of 8xMSAA even when forcing res 200%. I did test the 4xMSAA and 8xMSAA in the intro scene (with the sunken ship in the water - when you start the first mission), which is more demanding than when you're sailing - thus 8xMSAA can work. I am wondering how the Vive Pro 2 would handle this game. Index res 200% is pushing 18 mill pixels in total per image. 

But of course - you could lower Index res to 150%, maybe reduce to 2xMSAA, but it will be noticeable degradations. Many have been complaining about poor performance in the game, but nice to see the RTX 3090 being able to cut the Index cake just fine. 


Btw, fun thing - thinking that we don't get many ultra-demanding VR games anymore, suddenly we got The Persistence Enhanced with RTX and Furious Seas, which both easily, at least when using Index, will take the RTX 3090 to its knees 😮 


Thus awesome to have some new VR games fully taking advantage of our rigs - and where you really need all that performance. 


I think I'll be Reviving Lone Echo trying to find optimal settings for the Index and RTX 3090 later today. It's time 😇 But I've also been saving a new CV1 for that game too - last time I tested, I did prefer CV1 ss 2.0 with TAA over anything Index could do (but didn't have the 3090 back then). 

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Yeah I picked up The Persistence as well and yet to play it also. I am in the middle of a great DCS Hornet campaign this week and want to finish it first. Grandkids coming tomorrow for the rest of the week. So maybe next week I will get to try those two out.

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Be careful not to activate RTX reflections with The Persistence - at least if you're using high res, it easily brings down the fps and may not look right in VR (may give a certain unrealistic grainy look in VR). Also you need a gamepad for The Persistence Enhanced.  The game starts in 2D and for now you need access to the desktop screen (can be done in VR) to activate VR mode inside the game menu. Devs just wrote to me that they are looking into it (the game does not save your graphics settings, you need to set them every time you start the game). You may consider DLSS Balanced for this game. 

Great to read that we are a few still supporting the devs - seems to me that very few buys PCVR games these days. 

I've still got some days left before returning to work, and the kids and wife have many plans. I just want to get back to my pirate ship and the sea! Sigh 😢 😉


Btw, I've just let Index owners know that they can now get Lone Echo for just $10 - I just love to be severely downvoted on Reddit, lol:


Seems many over there wouldn't want Facebook/Oculus games even for free, seems incredibly silly and stubborn - especially knowing that there's literally nothing but Alyx (and MOH-AB) on Steam to approach Lone Echo quality. 

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I guess I stand corrected regarding Reviving Lone Echo using the Index. I did it for the first time today - fueled by the brute force of the RTX 3090. The RTX 3090 is a total game changer, but I never expected it to be this profound for Lone Echo. 


Earlier using GTX 1080 (8GB) I Revived Lone Echo, but TAA made the game super-blurry, and the performance impact of 4xMSAA was severe. Also 4xMSAA wasn't enough to remove jaggies with TAA deactivated. What to do? Increase the res of course! 😎 Unfortunately trying res 200% with 4xMSAA nearly sunk my GTX 1080, lol - I got from 22.5 - 30 fps with 90 Hz. I needed a 3 - 4 times faster gpu to get 90 fps. 


Seems the RTX 3090 is exactly what I needed.


Testing with the RTX 3090, first I maxed out all in-game settings - got smooth 90 fps in 90 Hz - but that was res 100 %. Then held my breath (more or less) and set the res to 200% - using 4xMSAA. And I still got solid 90 fps - what an awesome surprise! Now, outside the Kronos II Mining Station, where the game probably is the most demanding, I did find a few locations dipping to 45 fps. But starting a new game, seeing Olivia for the first time 😍 and playing for 30 minutes, not once did I go below 90 fps. I'll consider 45 fps a very rare occurrence.  

Feinschmeckers may insist that even res 200% and 4xMSAA aren't enough to remove all jaggies, and while that is true, in most locations the game looks stunning, maybe even sort of mind-blowingly gorgeous. I quickly habituated to a few jaggies here and there. Seeing Oliva close-up with 4xMSAA and res 200% was a great experience - she never looked better, and solid 90 fps also helped making her move life-like. It was easy to see every little hair in her eyelashes, and even the smallest skin imperfections. She simply looked real. Even better than any npc I remember in Alyx. I do believe that some of Olivia's face textures are 4k-res like Alyx, and also some of the textures on your own hands, but I have not seen any textures of that quality elsewhere in the game. Some places, and checking out some objects, you can spot medium/low-res textures, but Lone Echo was never designed for the full clarity of the Index. 

Using CV1 ss 2.0 with TAA and 2xMSAA, I also got solid 90 fps, but CV1 ss 2.0 + TAA + 4xMSAA also pulled me down to 45 fps in demanding locations. That means I get about same performance using CV1 ss 2.0 (17 mill pixel per image) + TAA + 2xMSAA as I get with Index res 200% (18 mill pixels per image) + 4xMSAA. I'd say that's more or less the same level of performance, indicating no performance impact of Revive - or an extremely small performance impact. It's my impression that persons claiming Revive causes severe performance degradation have no clue what they are talking about - or maybe they had some rig-specific problem - or maybe had a bad Revive experience a long time ago. The latest Revive 2.1.1 works close to flawlessly, it feels as if I'm using native Oculus drivers with the Index. 

One place I noticed a few semi-flickering textures, but only for some special windows and in the periphery - not sure I'd be able to notice that with the smaller fov of the CV1, and you can see much more clearly with the Index. Maybe the Index also can reveal some limitations you just don't notice with the CV1. 


I'm much more positive about using Lone Echo res 200% with 4xMSAA and no TAA, but that's only due to the brute force of the RTX 3090. Index controllers worked perfectly. The big problem with Lone Echo and Revive was always with the helmet button, which you activate with the left index finger. Using Revive and the Index, the helmet button is on my left cheek bone, just below the hmd. I tested it 10 times, it worked every time. Really never noticed I was using Knuckles and not Touch - just had to remember to use the left trackpad for the game menu - and to release my grip when seleting menu items. 


Interesting how performance with Lone Echo 2 will be - and which hmd I'll end up using... 



Valve Index & Oculus Rift CV1, Asus Strix OC RTX™ 3090, i9-10900K (5.3Ghz), 32GB 3200MHz, 8TB
"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"

Level 15



- or better: The Mona Lisa Overdrive Index Res 500 % Experiment 😁



Some years ago HTC collaborated with employees at the French museum Louvre to show the Mona Lisa painting in VR. They made this quite amazing app, which only supports Index and Vive (you can start the app with an Oculus hmd, but you have no controller support, not even gamepad):


With this app you get to see the famous painting in VR - for free, and much closer than you're allowed in the real world. Also if you visit Louvre, you need to stand in line for 1-2 hours to see the painting, and you're only given 30 seconds to see it due to thousands of visitors visiting each day.  More info here:


- btw, I've already introduced this app in the general thread:


The main problem with this free app is that it seems super-soaked in temporal antialiasing (TAA), or maybe HTC downscaled the res, at least it looks extremely blurry with Index res 100%. Using my old GTX 1080 I could take it to about res 200%, but not much further, and res 200% is still blurry. 

After getting the RTX 3090, I thought I could do better than res 200%. I started with res 400% - that actually worked great, outside the museum I got 45 fps, but 90 fps inside. Vram use was little over 8GB. Then made the last experiment and pushed res to the 500 % - note that the res scale does not go any higher in SteamVR, lol. Still got 45 fps outside the museum, but now also 45 fps inside, not big deal because you stand still and look at things in this app. Vram use now climbed to 10.2 GB, so 8GB may not longer be enough - but 12GB cards should still do fine. 


Truth told, res 1000% would probably be even better, lol - res 500% looks about as sharp as many other games and apps do when pushing res 200%. Like @pyroth309 once stated, it seems you reduce TAA blur a lot by using extreme res. 

Looking at the wooden floor, going from 400% to 500% made the textures on the wooden floor look much more detailed - thus the floor looked much closer to expected real-world appearance. Also paintings look so much better. I have a feeling that this app will look best using oled, but you can fix the lcd shortcomings by using extreme res. 


In short, Mona Lise on res overdrive is an awesome experience - if you have the gpu horsepower to do that 😎


Valve Index & Oculus Rift CV1, Asus Strix OC RTX™ 3090, i9-10900K (5.3Ghz), 32GB 3200MHz, 8TB
"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"


Hi, have you seen app (for pc) that could use any number of web cameras to provide full body tracking? You could download it already. It need to be calibrated before using (camera placements and distortions).

Then you need "virtual trackers" driver for SteamVR. You could place those on your virtual tracked body (I think more then 5 trackers).

So you could be fully tracked! It could work in vrchat and other apps with body trackers support. Future is here :))


You mean like this?

kevinw729_0-1627310729022.jpeg "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Great image. But that is professional solution. And that is photo scanning device not tracking only.


I mean an app that any ordinary user can download and use with any 2-3 web cameras (or more) to get full body 360 tracking now.

I think It has enough quality for vr chat like apps. 🙂