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The Making of VR: An Inside Look with Developers (SW: Squadrons)

Level 16

Some amazing insights were released for those interested in VR Software Engineering. This two-part segment covers the making of Star Wars: Squadrons.


Part 1
A deep-dive look into design challenges that come with creating an immersive and comfortable VR experience.


The images in this segment are an amazing throwback!





This segment covers:

  • Diegetic interface
  • VR comfort (Cockpit shake, Inertia simulation, Body dissonance)
  • Exclusive first-person perspective
  • 3D Audio



Part 2

From rendering optimization tricks to performance management, to covid logistic challenges— our devs share it all.


This segment covers:

  • Frame Rate & Resolution
  • View-Independent Calculations
  • Lens Culling
  • Forward Rendering
  • Dynamic Resolution


Full Article: