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The Next Quest - What is needed!

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Many are speculating that we will be getting an announcement regarding the "Quest 3" or "Quest Pro" during the October Facebook Connect. But there are already strong speculation of what is needed from the next iteration from the Standalone (MobileVR) platform.

Some of the areas of development needed include:

- Enhanced VR Streaming
- Eye Tracking

- Foveated Rendering
- Improved Field of View
- Improved OLED Display
- Enhanced Audio
- Enhanced Tactile Feedback (headset and controllers)
- Better weight Relief
- Better cooling
- Return to Black Design

These are the basic overviews, but what would you want to see from the successor to the Quest2 "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

That's a very convoluted way to not answer a question.

Can you not put yourself in the shoes of s consumer?


Why would I need to put myself in the shoes of a professional in the sector when we're talking about a headset that will be targeted at consumers?


The request for wish list items is targeted at consumers isn't it?


Isn't the point of professionals in the sector to view things from the point of view of the people who will be using it?

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Volunteer Moderator

I don't know why so defensive on this particular question tbh.

I feel like I need to come round to where you are and give you a hug.


But the question stands, what would you buy if you were the target audience for a device like this? and doe sthe fulfilment of your wish list make the difference.

Intel 5820K OC@4Ghz, Titan X (Maxwell), 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4, ASRock X99 Taichi, Samsung 500Gb 960 Evo M.2, Corsair H100i v2 Cooler, Inateck KTU3FR-4P USB 3 card, Windows 10 Pro v20H2 (19043.1081)

@kevinw729 wrote:

not throw round accusations, or vent grudges to try and derail or force out posters you don't like.

I agree that these behaviors should stop, but shouldn't that start with you? Don't you throw around accusations, such as you did just a short time ago in the Work App thread with this comment:


"Though we have to treat his kind of information with some objectivity, at least it is from a attributed source, rather than from the over invested fandom."


Is that not you accusing people whom disagree with your opinion of being "over invested fandom"? How is that different from all the years you spent calling people "fanatics" simply because they don't share your grudge against Oculus?


And speaking of "venting grudges," is that not why you create all these threads, which always turn anti-Oculus as a result of your ongoing grudge?


You have maintained the same grudge against Oculus for years, and express it to this day. The grudge remains the result of Oculus refusing to invest in OOH, and as a result you continue to create these threads not to facilitate healthy conversation, but to create a grudge list.


I would love to think that this thread was truly created to discuss "What the next Quest needs," but we have been here countless times before. Every time you create a thread like this, the sole purpose proves to be... @kevinw729 creating a list of things to use as ammunition against Facebook, Oculus, and its VR consumers (whom you call "overly invested fandom"). 


If history proves correct, you will spend the next year - up to the next Facebook Conference in 2022 - referencing this thread to detail everything Facebook failed to deliver.


That is the cycle I would love to see broken: Constantly creating threads aimed solely at constructing  ammunition that can be used against Oculus VR and its consumers.

@kevinw729 wrote:

- Engineering World
Yes, as one that has studied production fabrication in another life, I am aware of the "development and evaluation cycle", and am also aware of how this can be circumvented in haste, and how this can bite in the long run. 


I am someone who has studied, received multiple accreditations, and worked for over 2 decades in the Engineering World. The development and evaluation cycle will always yield some problem, and it is not solely because some things can be "circulated in haste."


Anyone with any experience in engineering and manufacturing knows that defects are a natural biproduct of any process. Defects are unavoidable. The only thing an organization can do is mitigate (reduce) the risk of defects; but there is no way to eliminate the risk of defects entirely. It is most literally impossible to guarantee zero defects.


This is both an academic and real-world truth of engineering and manufacturing.

What you seem to be doing is taking one single idea that you have "studied" and arbitrarily applying it to any news about Oculus VR product issues, regardless of whether the accusation you are making is true or false.


It is important to keep in mind that you do not make these same "development and evaluation cycle" claims in other areas of VR. For example, when Valve suffered the Knuckle #clickgate fiasco, you were very understanding of the situation and expressed contempt towards anyone who dared say that perhaps Valve "circumvented in haste" their own QA/QC processes.


So in your expressed view, if Oculus has a hardware issue then it is because they cut corners and performed bad practices, but if a competitor has hardware issues then it is a normal/natural part of manufacturing that should be understood and accepted.


There is no evidence that the Elite Strap nor the Foam Plate issues are the result of cutting corners. This is simply an accusation you are making to seemingly further the grudge you have maintained against Oculus for the past 6 years. 


Like I have said before, I understand that you disagree with Oculus in their decision to avoid promoting and investing in OOH (VR Arcades). But it has been some 6 years now... it's time to move on. Constantly making a checklist of all the things you believe Oculus/Facebook is failing at doing in some sort of 'aha revenge' tactic should be put to rest.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Wow everyone. Just, wow. This thread has some good points hidden among many inappropriate statements. I've decided not to delete any posts from this thread, however, this kind of conduct needs to be corrected.

We can do better than this.


We all share a love for this incredible technology. You are all the most dedicated and informed of early adopters, and we appreciate every one of you. However, the lack of respect that is permeating this thread needs to stop. Let's all strive for open, welcoming, and engaging discussion, without the bait and aggression. 


Going forward, we need to all try harder to stay on topic and be respectful to each and every user of this forum. This extends to us as moderators as well. We will be working to take a more active role in the policing of these boards, keeping things on topic, and promoting inclusivity between members.


We are here to talk about VR, gaming, and to help each other out. Those who fail to uphold the values we strive for will no longer be allowed to participate on this forum.


If you're ever unsure if what you're posting is acceptable, refer back to the forum rules. When in doubt, always remember rule #1: "Don’t be a jerk."

Level 15

Totally agree, and thanks for stepping in. Hope you or the new team can break the cycle, and that those with past issues can move on or move on. Looking forward to the next discussion on the Facebook Connect announcement. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Level 3

I really would like to have an option to adjust the focal depth. The current depth on the Quest 2 is around 6 feet(?). I have extreme myopia and everything is blurry because of that. They need to let me bring the view much closer, within a few inches distance from my eyes.


I would also like to be able to unlock achievements while offline, be able to verify the game files after downloading and being able to check the games's version (to make sure everything is updated and not corrupted), and uninstall a game without it affecting the save file (uninstalling the game should not delete the save file! and allow the save files to be managed separately, being able to be deleted without having to uninstall the game, etc.)


A longer charging cable (at least 10 feet) would be nice so it can be played with while plugged in.


I like the color white. Why not release the next Quest with different color options?
Beside white and black, how about pink, blue, purple, green, etc?


And I would not buy a Quest 3 for $600. That is far too much money. They need to keep it within the $300 price range. That is the reason I bought a Quest 2, it was affordable. The only other option to play the VR game I was interested in was to buy a new computer and a more expensive headset. If it was not for the Quest 2 and it's decent price, I would of not been able to play it.


Oh and if you want "enhanced audio", you plug in headphones. Integrated speakers never sound good at all on anything, and it is never going to be improved. The only reason the speakers even come on the thing is for those who do not have an ear for quality and find them to be "fine" and would complain if there was none.


You could try a combo of prescription glasses and prescription inserts if your myopia is really bad.  Astigmatism aside,  if your -10 then -5 glasses and -5 inserts would work.


If Oculus released a no FB account Quest 3 for $600 (much like the business model currently on offer), I would buy that over an Facebooked $300 headset. 

Thank you for the valuable observation.

I agree that using the commercial license approach would save the blushes, and offer an alternative to the consumer scene that want to use Quest but have issues with the login. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

I did seriously give Oculus for Business consideration,  but it doesn't allow access to the store, only sideloaded apps etc.  I really can't see why Oculus cannot release a loss-leader Facebooked model,  and a full price un-facebooked model.  It gives consumers a choice,  and they get their money.  In fact more money as I think many may choose that route instead of not buying one at all.