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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Made $29 Million Revenue in Year 1

Level 16
Aside from being a very cool VR game. Well I purchased the game on Steam, so I wonder how many sales came from there. I also wonder what share PSVR has seeing as that's the leading platform still I assume. Either way, this news hopefully encourages more developers to a) put more effort into their VR titles if they are bothering to make them. b) try to secure a popular brand to focus on and c) there be money to be made in them VR hills. 

The game, which first hit PC VR on January 23, 2020, also released on PSVR and Oculus Quest over the course of the last year. Skydance says this figure accounts for sales across all platforms. Notably, though, the team pointed out that the game sold 10 times more on Quest than it did on Rift and Rift S. The Quest version launched just four months ago.

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Level 16
Fun (and potentially wrong) math  B)

SteamSpy says 100k to 200k sold copies, so I guess Quest and PSVR owners mostly paid the devs...

100k sold copies at $40 per copy is $4 million - and 200k is $8 million. 

The game has 3700 ratings on Steam - that's 1 rating for every 27th to 54th sale. 

The Rift version in the Oculus Store has 691 ratings. Applying Steam math that would correspond to something between 20k to 40k sold copies. Or $1.6 to $3.2 million. 

Quest has 5000 ratings - applying Steam math that would correspond to 135k to 270k sales - or $5.4 to $10.8 million. 

So now we've accounted for $11 to $22 million - leaving PSVR with everything from 7 to 18 million, lol. 

Also didn't take any sale prices into account - all is based on the full price. 

Does give some support for the strong Quest sales though. Combined PCVR + PSVR may be bigger than Quest though. 

Devs say Quest sold 10 times better than the Rifts - the Quest has 7 times more ratings than the Rifts, so using ratings to reflect sales may provide some hopefully not too wrong estimations. 

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Level 12
I loved this game, absolutely spot on for VR Implementation and story. So well deserved. next installment with options for higher res graphics would be good.