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The climb 2 says alot about pc gaming.

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At least in the near future pc gaming on quest may be slim pickings.  The quest 2 coming out only on standalone (at least at 1st) makes me feel very excited about the upcoming psvr2. Big triple a games will be more available in my opinion on that system. 


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What are you talking about?  Pcvr will still be alive and well.  Oculus just fully approved the virtual desktop app, so you can do wireless pcvr.

Level 11

Also 120 hz is on the road map for link and quest 2

I agree, Oculus producing stand-alone games for it's headset that does both stand-alone and PCVR means that it's supporting it's headset, whilst at the same time supporting PCVR developers with Link improvements.


I'd love Oculus to continue to produce PCVR games but they don't need to. They just need to facilitate others to do that. My personal favourite VR game of all time happens to be a non-Oculus title, and I have no problem with that. After laying the ground-work with previous hardware & software developments I just need them to continue aggressively pushing its hardware developments forward.


To criticize the lack of PCVR software from a company that encourages others to fill that space by virtue of supplying the most popular PCVR capable headsets at reasonable prices, whilst at the same time promoting PSVR needs a bit more scrutiny.


Future AAA PCVR titles will exist precisely because people have bought PCVR capable headsets at affordable prices, PSVR is excellent and encourages software development too, but it's effect on PCVR is very limited in comparison. In addition people who don't have a PC are encouraged to get into VR with a Quest... they than have a headset that's PCVR capable if they want to take it further.


I think some people will forecast the death of Oculus PCVR for years to come, but Link isn't going anywhere. Official wireless Link is the logical next step so VD isn't needed or is out-performed, that's my guess, but AAA stand-alone software is needed to make the most of Quest, so the headset continues to be an attractive proposition compared to PC-only or console-only headsets.

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Also take this into consideration the quest 2 is the most used headset for steam vr, according to user survey.

considering its the cheapest best value, that has virtually everything out of the box to get started.

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Of course it's the most used headset.  It's the cheapest most capable one out there.  Parents can afford to buy them for their kids, the children are ruining many a great online game as we speak as a result.  But the competition is good.


I moved on from Oculus, I don't like the facebook side of it.  But PCVR is not like the old day consoles.  All these headsets are backward compatible with all the software in one way or another.  It doesn't matter who produces PCVR games, we will be able to play them.  I don't expect Oculus to make PCVR games anymore, they're clearly focused on the mobile platform.  Carmack's roadmap stated this was exactly the goal... So it looks to be working as planned.  My favorite games are from Steam, I never really had an exclusive I thought was any better than most other software out there.