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The importance of an extended FOV / Place to go for a new business idea

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Hello Forum!

After a few days with my CV1 I'm more excited about VR than I had expected. And my expectations have been very high! 😉
To my surprise the "low" resolution of the displays has proven not to be the deal-breaker concerning VR in general. The CV1 was the first VR-headset I've been trying out after the VFX1 in the 90s. Today the resolution is fine for me. What worries me more is the limited FOV. I wasn't really prepared for that.

Don't get me wrong - the CV1 is doing a great job when it comes to immersion. The overall three-dimensionality is awesome. But in my opinion people waste too much time discussing the resolution, which is - compared to today's standards in desk workspaces - subpar by all means. But it is okay. I don't even bother about the Godrays. Whereas the limiting black borders to the left and right are interfering with the immersion much more. The sense of wearing a ski-mask all the time is a big hurdle for me when aiming for maximum immersion. Wouldn't you agree? Are there any plans yet in how to achieve a wider range of view for upcoming devices in the future? Expanding the FOV for the CV2 for 20 to 35 percent should be a possibility, right? What are the difficulties the devs are facing when it comes to lense-design for a wider FOV, apart from raising the resolution?

Furthermore a little business idea came to my mind, not related to the FOV-topic. Any investors/hardware devs reading here?


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What investment amount?

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I believe the main reason FOV is as small as it is because of

1. Current GPU Power

2. Cost and limitations of existing panels

It is no coincidence both HTC and Oculus went for the same panels. (I understand the Vive has a slightly better FOV but not as clear as the Oculus overall)

Yes the FOV is very distracting. On the DK1 it was 110 and FOV was not an issue then (except for people who were wearing glasses). We just expected in those early days it would get bigger. 😞

I have a daily, candle lit mourning session on the loss of the 110 FOV.

When my DK2 arrived I was really despondent. I know that I will not be buying any further CV's if they do not increase the FOV to a point where I cannot see it.