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Thinking about a Petition for Class Action Suit against Facebook for privacy infringement

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I wanted to put this out there as I am thinking about starting a petition. I have been an Oculus user going back to the Rift and I currently have a Quest and Rift-S. I feel users have been lied to and misled. We know that the information gathered by Facebook under the mandatory Facebook accounts will be misused and used for profit by Facebook. Existing users when they bought their hardware were never aware of this upcoming practice. I guarantee most user had they known this would not have bought Oculus Hardware. I mean basically users were lied to. I figure if I start a petition and we can get about 200,000 signatures I am pretty sure there would be a lawyer more than willing to pick up a class action suit against this. Some people are probably already using this but that is by choice. Please let me know your feelings on this. I am hoping this post doesn't get scrapped. I would like to think we in the community still have free speech. Please let me know what you think.

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Facebook will try to force this down the throats of consumers. They engaged in fraudulent and deceptive practices by not allowing consumers to make an informed decision about their purchase from Oculus. I hope that This gathers strength and I also would hope that Facebook would change course before it came to a Class Action. But given their track record with ethics and concern for the consumer I do not forsee that happening.

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Volunteer Moderator
I don’t personally think there are legal grounds for a lawsuit, but good luck with that. I don’t think we have 200,000 members here, but maybe if you post it on a social media site like the Facebook Oculus group—oh, wait...

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Should be known that you do not need a FACEBOOK or TWITTER account to sign the petition.

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You're joking right?

Sorry but petitions DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  Farcebook will just laugh at it, shred it, and continue being the crap company that they truly are.

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I have a massive problem with
using a social media account as well.   But, as much as I profoundly
disagree with this, and think it will take time for the implications to hit
home (for both Users and FB itself) - FB have given 2 years advance
notice, I give them credit for that, provided that they honour
their "best-endeavours" promise to users past the cut-off.

Can’t see any mileage in this sorry.

My next headset will not be an Oculus / FB.


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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing. Food for thought. Quote by EB

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NsurgNt said:

All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing. Food for thought. Quote by EB

One of my favorite quotes.

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