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Tip: For less experienced Windows users

Level 2
Ok, I admit it. I became a Mac user years ago due to my undying dislike for Windows. Yeah, I know. I principally did my gaming on my Xbox 360 and until the rift I was happy. Let's face it Mac gaming is not where it is at.

Anyway the Oculus Rift caused me to install Windows. Sure I know it will work on the Mac but we all know that Windows will end up leading due to the number of active game developers. So I boot camped my MacBook Pro 15" Retina 2012 system. This machine has a 2.6Ghz i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, SSD and Nvidia 650M graphics chipset. Not a slouch at all.

Things ran basically ok. I played a lot of rift demos and had some good times. However I always felt I was not getting the highest frame rate the hardware should be capable of. Turns out I was right.

Now you old Windows guys don't laugh.. but I found out that by default Windows sets the Power Management settings to "Balanced" and the result is that when the computer thinks it is not being energy efficient as well as potentially running the fans too much it ends up throttling the system back to conserve power. Of course I have the system plugged in to the wall and I am ok with the fans screaming. I changed the setting to High Performance and guys.. it was a night and day difference.

SkyRim went from unplayable using the Vireo driver to completely enjoyable at 1920 x 1080. Rift Cave which would lag after playing it a while not runs smooth as butter.

So please check this setting guys... could really help you. It helped me!

Level 2
This is really good information. I set all my computers to high performance as soon as I touch them. Besides overclocking and other optimizations, this is the best free fps boost you can get. If you want your computer to sleep/ etc. set up a custom power profile but make sure to set your processor minimum percentage to 100%. If it's a laptop I usually set it to 100% when plugged in/ 50% when on battery (I don't play games on battery anyway). The minimum/ max processor percentage is the key to the performance.
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