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Touch Controllers early Release! Limited stock Available now!

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you think? 😛 
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FU bitch LOL

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Such blatant succulent infuriating click-bait title.

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As a reminder, the first Touch controllers will be delivered based on the CV1 pre-order number.

Just don't get me going on how fast(er) the Best Deal buyers will get them...

PS : No Touch software available till 2016Q4 anyway.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Technically this is true.
Touch controllers are available right now, they are giving away 5000 of them to developers who have valid projects. At least one of my ex-students already has touch for his own VR dev, and I know a few more ex-students at a company that has them (but don't know if they are working on that side).
I'd apply myself, but I don't have any commercial projects in the works (all I could offer is getting to demo them to large numbers of people at my college, and the NDA kind of kills that).

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Looks like a new Dev version of touch has better tracking and longer range !

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Sorry to be a killjoy but this thread isn't funny and kind of lame imo. Is this what these forums have become now where anything can be posted here and condoned by the mods.  I'd take heated Vive vs Rift debates over stupid spam that is this topic any day.

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I knew full well what this would be before I clicked it... but why did I still do it?! 

p.s. please stop shit posting.

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