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I really enjoy playing my quest 2 with my kids in our own private servers, but playing online is disgusting. The toxicity of kids and young adults is overwhelming. It really takes the fun out of gaming and using any kind of communication when everyone is screaming racial slurs and yelling obscenities. I’m not a prude. I have kids (teens) who I would like to be able to enjoy the games with, and it seems like all the rational people are being pushed out by the few idiots who dominate the voice chat. Is there no moderation? I was reading a review of gorilla tag

and noticed the way they state the toxicity as if it’s a given in VR games. 
My suggestion is this: put up a warning screen that clearly states all audio is being recorded, and people will be banned if they are reported. Then, in the same warning, give a link to a place where people can be reported. Being the audio IS recorded, all complaints can easily be verified and the idiots will be quickly weeded out. Any who remain will know how easily they could lose access to their favourite games. Without moderation the meta-verse will never entice people to want to join, because everyone currently knows to stay out of these situations. This is a must have.


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

You can report users for behavior with recordings (audio and video) from within the headset:

You can either record the video first then include it with the report, or it gives the option to start recording while doing the report.


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