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Tripped over cord while using VR headset, and the USB cable snapped.

Level 3
I tripped over the cord going into the computer and I ended up snapping the USB port on the cable after the third day of having an Oculus Rift. 
The HDMI port however didnt break, but when I plug my HDMI into my rift, Oculus Setup doesnt detect that HDMI is plugged in.  Shouldnt it still detect the HDMI but obviously not the USB? I'm just afraid I broke the port that plugs into the Headset. I have a new cable coming in next weekend so I wont know until then.

Level 3

Ok sorry,  I thought you meant in your second post you broke you port... you obviously meant you didn't know whether it was the port you broke, but you were afraid it might be.

English can be so complicated.

In that case, definitely replace the cable... no-brainer.

My bad, I was trying to say that I snapped the USB plug part of the cable, but also that I was afraid I may have also damaged the port on the Oculus rift from when I tripped over the cord. I dont know if it yanked too hard and damaged anything. I dont think I did, the port looks fine. I was just mentioning that because I was wondering if worst case scenario, would I be able to replace only the headset without needing to blow $400 on a new oculus rift set.