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Turn more than one room at a time (extend) into a holodeck with rift sensors and long cables?

Level 3
This question may be a bit out there, but.. i'm curious if anyone has attempted to do a multi room sensor setup, where by you could trace out a pathway in two rooms not just one.

I guess there are two limiting factors here..

The length of the usb/hdmi cables and also whether or not the guardian system would allow such a trace or if it requires one big contiguous square.

Currently i have rift in two rooms, but i move it from room to room, use in one small office room with my flight sim rig or i take to the larger living room and the htpc rig.. I got to thinking, if i could take the other sensors from the other setup and put them in a joining room (in this case the kitchen).. and it could be calibrated, what awesome holodeck fun that would be.

I currently use cablematters 33 foot usb extensions in my living room setup as well as an active hdmi cable from monoprice that does well (30 foot).. the usb cables can go further with power adapters too.

Just some fun thinking..


Level 5
I'm not sure this would be possible as I think the Sensor setup requires that all sensors can see you at the same time. But you can certainly paint non-rectangular areas in the Guardian setup.