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Tutorial: How to check fps inside Rift

Level 3
Didn't find anything here on this topic and FRAPS shows fps in the blind corners.

So step by step:
Use MSI Afterburner

Start it and go to Settings

There you can choose what you want to see besides Framerate in On Screen Display, so turn on 'in OSD'

In your System Tray you also have the RivaTunerStatisticsServer:

Use this settings and most important the coordinates on the lower right, I use 200 / 200
Edit: For FPS only you can use the RivaTunerStatisticsServer without MSI Afterburner:
Set the coordinates to around 300x300 and switch on: Show own statistics

Thats it, on the upper left corner you will see your OSD. Note: In Direct HMD Access its showing double fps, so in DK2 you will need 150fps for judder free experience.

Level 2
Excellent, I was wondering how to go about this to monitor performance. Thanks.

Level 3
is that Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon? If so, is it running in the rift?

Level 3
"jrd3d" wrote:
is that Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon? If so, is it running in the rift?

With VorpX

Level 15
Thanks for the guide.
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Level 2
Hooly mooly! Thank you! This is VERY important tool for oculus-divers!
Is there a place some where in this forum, where we can store such useful tips for oculus crowd? Would be sad if this info will lost in forum threads....

Level 2
Thank you, I'll try it asap. That is too bad that we don't have an FPS counter in every game/demo.

Level 2
Interesting. I suppose this would work for all Nvidia cards, even non-MSI ones, right?

Level 3
Yes, every manufacturer, even AMD Cards.

Level 4
Thank you!! Now I know definitively that my judder or stutter is a framerate issue and I will devinitively need a new PC. 😉

And yes, it works with my palit card too.