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Two Rifts, One Household?

Level 5
Sounds like a good name for a viral video!

Seriously though, I have never liked playing multiplayer games with strangers. No offence but you are all nobs!

However, as I have a spare PC with the balls to run VR I am seriously thinking about buying a 2nd rift to play mano a mano within the flibberflops household.


Well I am a little concerned that there isn't higher resolution headsets around the corner (even if it isn't oculus) and indeed i also have concerns over how long the rift headphones will last. However, most of all I have found multiplayer games to be a little meh!

Convince me!

So is there anyone that has two rifts in the household... and is the multiplayer eliment any better? What games are recommended and also how to they connect? Direct peer to peer (i.e. are there any good old fashion lan games to be had)? I am also guessing you need to use two seperate Oculus/steam accounts and purchase the game twice?

Level 4
Just got my 2nd Rift last week. Bought it for VR SimRacing in multiplayer, so only been messing with Assetto Corsa for now! But its damn cool 🙂
Hope Doom 3 BFG VR Fully Possed will support MP, but havnt tried yet. Also wanna try Quake 1 VR mod for multiplayer

Level 15
You might just get a nobbish answer since you are asking a bunch of strangers.