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UPS dicking about..

Level 8
I've got the UPS app on my phone, so I can follow the progress of my Touch controllers. Up to about 15 mins. ago it said they had been dispatched from Preston (about 15 miles from where I live) at about 6:30 am today.

Now it's showing as dispatched from Eindhoven, NL at 16:18 this afternoon. With delivery expected tomorrow. How the hell does that happen with a barcode system?

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Level 8
sounds like they lost the package in transit and requested a resend.

could be anything from issues with the barcode label to the package actually going "missing"

As frustrating as it is, it should get to you quickly from Eindhoven

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Yr lucky mine r still chillin out in the Netherlands!

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At least you got UPS dicking about. Oculus is sitting on my order for no damn reason.

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Yeah they told me Wednesday then the app would sometimes say Tuesday. Ended coming on Monday and they just left it on my doorstep out side.

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Mine was meant to come today.. Got an update: just left NL at 4 pm, so will delivered tomorrow 😞
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That's what I'm afraid of.  I'll be leaving for work soon and my Touch is out for delivery with an expected time delivery of 1:30pm to 5:30pm.  I won't get home until after 8pm =(
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Lol yea mine is dicking about too! it's 3 hours away, but apparently they can't leave the depot due to severe weather conditions, though it's only partially cloudy today?? my ETA is when weather clears ?? seriously? 

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Volunteer Moderator
I've had my tracking number since yesterday afternoon, but UPS still shows no package in their system, just a shipping label has been created. I don't know if UPS is dicking me about, or if Oculus has left my box sitting somewhere after telling me that it has shipped.

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Level 8
I got mine last night at 8pm in the pitch dark. I had given up waiting and suddenly a knock on the door...