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Uninstalling did not work

Level 2
I’m hoping there is a simple answer to fix my Oculus Go issue! All that’s seen when the Oculus is put on is a gray screen with plus marks; it’s like a gray grid. I’ve read to uninstall then install again, of which I did- many times. In addition to this problem, wifi can’t even find my device. Are there any recommendations? I’ve spent hours trying to figure out what’s going on.

Level 8

You should submit a support ticket.

Level 3
We did submit a ticket but they weren't aware of a fix or what's causing the grey screen to pop up. We're having the same issue. Support suggested we return the headset. We did but it's still happening on the new headset. Seems to be a software issue?  After you use apps and then set down the headset for a few minutes.....the headset bricks with a gray screen with plus + and - marks with a gray grid like the previous poster mentioned. Has anyone found a fix for this?  Getting a new headset did not resolve it. It's on the latest version of the software. We've tried different wifi networks. We've tried factory reset with a different account. It's been a couple months this has been happening and we're constantly having to restart the headset. Thanks for any info you can find!