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Using room scale setup to travel any distance with ease.

Level 9
Hello VR peeps. I was just thinking about how to get the most out of a room-scale setup, and I think I might have a possible solution. It involves something mentioned in another thread (a possible VR vehicle) combined with proper location of said vehicle in your VR room space.

If you had a sort of 'hoverboard' positioned in the middle of your playable space and only allowed the player to travel a certain distance from that vehicle (that distance would coincide with your playable room area), you could potentially open up an entire world for the player to explore freely. Even people with standing-room-only setups could just stay on the vehicle to move about the world. The vehicle itself might not even need to be a physical object. It might just appear when you are in the center of your playable space. Although having an actual board that senses weight distribution might add to the immersion and free your hands for other game controls. Your VR app would tell the player they couldn't go a certain distance from the vehicle for whatever reason (oxygen will run out, power will run out, ect...) to help with immersion and keep the player in the desired play area.

Since both Rift and Vive will eventually go this route, what do you all think? Beyond an omni-directional treadmill, what will be some of the ways we can comfortably travel great distances in first person exploration type VR experiences?
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Level 9
Yeah, the cockpit does a great job of reducing any sort of motion sickness for me.  I can flip and spin all over the place in Elite and I feel just fine, but then again, I am not standing up.  The helmet with a hud might help some, and I think just as long as you kept the acceleration moderate, it shouldn't mess with you too much.  I have played Windlands standing and as long as I wasn't swinging around like a madman and concentrated on climbing, standing felt good.  And that is running up and down all sorts of inclines, climbing trees, wall jumping, and pretty much everything short of flying.  I am really looking forward to Windlands with tracked controllers.
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Level 3
Remember that the most of the motion sickness comes from rotating the view with the analogic stick.

45 minutes of a morrowind style game played in stand up. With only minimum discomfort (the author said that with a little training even that may disappear).
All thanks the method of orienting the direction of movement with the HMD and thanks the ability of the Vive to do 360° gaming

Level 3
I like this locomotion, it would perfectly fit for a Golf game! You could mix this in combination with teleporting.

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Level 9
Hover junkers is already using the ship to move around.
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Level 7
Just think about games that can expand on the segway idea.
How about a monkey magic game!  You call the cloud by waving the touch next to your mouth.
A Superman game, you just levitate most the time.
Even better a Magneto game, Levitate plus use your powers to move objects.
You could make a daredevil game with you are in third person and watching yourself. That would be strange.

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