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V31 and v31ptc updates haven’t fixed the air link/WiFi drop issue

Level 2

with v29, air link worked without issue; even on a 10 year old laptop (970m) running wifi5 through the same router. With v30, 31, and 31ptc air link will connect for at most one minute, usually just seconds, before jumping back to the quest 2 Home Screen with WiFi showing as disconnected and several of the UI apps lagging or unresponsive. The WiFi then resets after about 30 seconds. On the rare occasion I can stay connected for a minute, the oculus debug tool shows my lag is maintained at 30-40ms with very few frame drops.


rtx 3070 desktop (driver-471.41)

amd ryzen 7 5800x

wifi 6 router (not in mesh mode)

Oculus app v31, then v31ptc

quest 2


Level 2

After playing around with air link a bit more I've discovered:


old 970m laptop running wifi 5 (5ghz band) to quest 2 on wifi 6 works.

desktop running wifi 6 to quest 2 on wifi 6 does not work

desktop running wifi 4 (2.4ghz band) to quest 2 on wifi 6 does work.