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VR Wishlist Thread

Level 16
There is an older version of this discussion somewhere in the back pages of this forum. If someone finds it, please link it here. 

From what I recall, we've actually seen some of the games on the original wishlist (which I believe dates as far back as 2016) end up in VR. Such as the Doom games, Morrowind and Skyrim, and my personal favorite: Myst.

All these years later, I'm wondering if there are some new gems worth considering - and worth pressuring dev studios to port over to VR.

Any takers?

I'll start with a new Puzzle game that I purchased from Steam last week. It's called, Manifold Garden.

This is one of the most unique puzzle experiences I've ever gone through; specifically because it combines 2 elements that are new to me in this genre:
  • Infinite space
  • Full 360 environmental puzzles
I read some reviews that compared this to Portal. While I own Portal, I actually haven't played it. So I'll be following up with that as soon as I complete Manifold Garden. If you're a fan of puzzle games, definitely give this a whirl. I think a VR Port would be amazing. falling through the spaces would provide some great immersion (reminds me a bit of the falls in Superhot).

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Speaking of Portal, that would be amazing in VR; I'd love to see Valve do something new with that franchise, or even just port Portal 1 & 2 to VR.

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Level 2
this is very coool
I love this

Level 16
Cyberpunk 2077 would be great in VR. I tried the VorpX version and it wasn't bad at all but a little fuzzy and not something you could play for hours. A proper VR version even with gamepad controls would be fantastic. Night City is so lovely to just explore. 

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