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VR and Robotics a New Revolution?

Level 2
Take existing robotics + stereoscopic vision + VR HMD + controller = Robotic Revolution?

VR is here in SD right now (there is an Oculus Rift in front of me on my computer desk), and will be out in HD in a matter of months (probably less than 1 year).

Robotics has been around for ages and we now have very advanced robots, but Real Artificial Intelligence, the kind that can deal with the messy stuff in the real world is still 5-10 years or more away.

We have the dual problems of climate change and fossil fuel depletion, on the one hand we need to reduce our usage of dirty fuels and on the other we need to start thinking about what we need those fossil fuel resources for other than burning.

One of the largest uses of fossil fuel is in transportation. Lets face it we use hulking big inefficient cars/buses/trains to sit in during overlong commutes to our places of work.

So my hope is that VR can solve these problems, why commute to work when you could step into your study plug into VR and be at work.

OK for IT based jobs but even if your job is manual, could it be done remotely via a robot controlled system.

What's your thought's I tend to be a bit of a blue sky thinker, could this happen and if so how long will it take to catch on and what will be the implications and side effects?

Level 2
OK on remote work but in VR you could have a virtual shared office space with easily available information on the work in hands status, e.g. your VR desk would have pictures of what you are working on that anyone could look at or playable prototypes running on the developers desk that anyone can pick up and try.

Think of a potential VR workplace as a shared space, you can see what your colleagues are working on or your employer can pop in anytime to see how things are going.

Level 2
i'm so looking forward this