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VR-based stylus pen (for artists): prototype: playtesters wanted

Level 2

Hi everyone! I've recently finished a prototype for a pc virtual reality (SteamVR) stylus pen that is compatible with many popular digital art applications.  The goal is to use vr as a stand-in for a wacom-style stylus pen.  I've named it SketchPenVr.


I need playtesters to help determine if SketchPenVr has potential as a valuable artistic tool.  If it proves worth the time and effort then I'll finish it and get it onto steam.  If not, then I'll save that time and energy for something else.


Here are key features of SketchPenVr:

- Works with your choice of digital art applications.  (22 applications tested, 16 working)

- Pressure, tilt and rotation sensitivity provide natural expressiveness

- Configure controllers to automate tasks at the press of a button

- A movable, sizable drawing canvas gives you effortless control over the angle and scope of your work


Also, I made a basic website for SketchPenVr.


If you want to try out SketchPenVr then you can let me know on the contact page, on discord or even on this thread and I'll try to respond within 24 hours.  I'm especially looking for playtesters with experience in using a pressure-sensitive stylus pen for digital art.


All I ask of playtesters is that they honestly answer one critical question "Is this tool going to be something artists will use and benefit from?".  More feedback is certainly welcome, of course.  In return playtesters will have my heartfelt thanks, and a steam-key if it gets that far.


I hope to hear from you soon.


A video overview of the prototype

The website

The discord server