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VR on subscription basis would it be better?

Level 12

Hypothetical question would a subscription based vr model be better for the oculus quest?


I could think of better pricing plan that would actually would work better then pay for title basis.  Hear me out, do you play some games only once, but would be unethical to use the refund even though your under limits for the refund process.  Or you don't want to go in the app and select the refund option.


A couple of different models:

Rent to own:  A game that theoretically costs 30 dollars.  You rent for a dollar a day until you reach day 30 where it becomes permanent in your library.  You can stop rent any time but if you don't meet the 30 day period you wont own it.  Or based of hours one dollar an hour until you hit 30 hours then you own the game.  Honestly this would stop some refunding from games that just don't sit well with some users. 


4 for 50(monthly): You get to pick 4 games a month and for 50 dollars you out right keep em.


60 dollar unlimited: A recurring cost to "lease" games meaning you don't own the games but you can download and play any game any time as long as you pay 60 a month. 


70 dollar unlimited (family 2-5 members) You can add up to 5 members all members can download and play any game, yo don't own the game, so if you stop payng the games will go off the device.


Level 8

Imho not yet.

It could be good for users but will not for developers.

Need to wait for more users for it to work...

Level 13

No way.  What's wrong with refunding what you don't like as it is?  How would developers get paid?  Do they have to wait for the full 50 or 60 days to pass to see if the game is kept, if it goes for so long, they only get part of the purchase price for the sale?  What I find crazy is how incredibly cheap VR gamers seem to be.  For a long time this tech was crazy expensive to get into, now it's somewhat affordable with the Quest units.  But the average cost of these game in comparison to the mature markets in gaming is peanuts.  Games elsewhere have an average price of at least $50 a title.  In VR, the expensive games are priced in that range.  Hell, $24.99 is considered an expensive game in the VR realm for some reason.

I personally wouldn't sign up for a service like that.  I would want to know how the payments work out if I were a developer because someone should be subsidizing the difference in refunding if you only pay $1 a day towards a game while you decide to keep it.  I think the service would discourage developers from making content, they can't make their full potential, and it'll seem like they're getting screwed if they only get a few dollars for the game as opposed to say $15 to $20 after Final value fees paid to the venu for selling the game.


I would be opposed to the idea because the games are already incredibly inexpensive as it is, and it would discourage developers from developing because they would feel like they're getting ripped off and won't want to continue the endeavor, and that would ultimately hurt the genre.