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VR setup assistant: desk going right through my chest??

Level 2
Got the Oculus Quest yesterday. OMG it feels so real...   :#   Turning my head, left right, up down, looking at things. SO much better than I had dreamed of.

However, I'm probably weird in some way (compared to most other users). I'm getting really scared/uncomfortable if anything happens which isn't supposed to happen. I've zero problems whatsoever with aliens, monsters, zombies, vampires, werewolves, violence and gore. However:

I tried to do the initial setup while sitting in my chair (too lazy to clean a 2x2 meter "safe area" just to run a quick first test). Then the Oculus wanted me to run through the setup assistant. It worked great at first. The first sequence which just shows a scene with eye candy is great! But then there was supposed to be a desk in a room, and suddenly I was standing/sitting in the middle of the desk, with the desk going right through my stomach/chest. This freaked me out so much I instantly had to remove the Oculus.

Later, after I recovered from the "shock", I did the assistant standing up with a 2x2 meter cleared safe area. This time this weird desk thing didn't happen, fortunately. However, right at the start, I was supposed to walk to a specific place where I could see glowing footprints. That's all fine. However, the area I was supposed to walk to was a few inches higher than the floor. And when I walked there, the VR didn't adjust the height, and when I looked down I couldn't see my legs or feet, so it felt like my feet were "inside" of the raised floor. Again that freaked me out quite a lot. But I still "managed" to continue. Then the assistant wanted me to press various buttons on the controllers, but looking at the controllers, they were flickering like crazy, and considering it all felt so real (otherwise), again this freaked me out and I aborted.

I guess I'm weird, eh?

Do these kind of "buggy things" also happen in games & VR content? If so, I guess my mind can't handle VR...   :s

Suggestion to the Oculus Team: How about introducing some sort of "personal space" feature where nothing can come close to me or touch me (or go right through me), unless I willingly walk towards some object or something like that? I suppose that would help make me more comfortable. At least right at the start, as a first time VR user, when trying to get used to VR, it's really a showstopper problem if things happen like objects being placed through my body. This really shouldn't happen if you want your users to not run away screaming before they have even completed the setup assistant! And btw, considering how poorly the setup assistant seems to be made (sorry), why is there no way to skip/abort it (unless I missed something)?? It seems I have no choice but suffer through the setup assistent, whether I want to or not? That's really poor usablity, IMHO.