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VR vs AR, which one will have a greater impact?

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AR is augmented reality eg Hololens (by Microsoft). The view of the real world is unobstructed, with an artificial overlay.

I think AR has the potential to become a day to day experience, like smartphones but without needing to "switch attention" or even make a conscious decision. VR is walled off and IMO more of an escape, a conscious activity. I think AR will be far more impactful -- but only if we are ready to accept it socially (I think you guys know why I say this last part).

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A good article comparing the 2: ... e-is-real/

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A lot of people on here have expressed a desire for things like virtual desktops so you can do work in VR. That kind of thing seems (to me) to be much better suited to AR. With good AR you can have floating screens over your desk while still able to see your keyboard, papers, coffee mug, etc.

So AR for bringing the artificial world into the real world, VR for putting us into the artificial world.

I like the idea of both, for different purposes. I'd love to get CastAR, although it looks like the consumer version is now due in 2017? (I just saw last night that back in december CastAR refunded all kickstarter orders (even ones that already have received their CastAR) and is giving them all a free consumer CastAR when it's released)
I can imagine using AR as a daily productivity tool, while VR is for full experiences.

I should unsubscribe to the hololens twitter account, it just keeps taunting me with very expensive gear ($3000us) that is only available in usa and canada. 😞
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AR is not even close to the point where VR already is. Nothing to compare so far

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I can't wait till AR is so cheap that everyone has a pair. I really want a first generation of AR board games.
Good AR will cost at least double of what VR is going to cost for the first 3-5 years.
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we will see what kind of AR will go mainstream.. i don't see a "helmet" type of visor as a day to day tool. google glass was a good concept and if this gets spread to 2 sheets of glasses like a normal one, then it will be very cool i believe

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AR will win at the end of the day ~ but VR is where we will be going first. VR is what AR is build around. It's like the beta of our understanding how to trick and work with our bodies to give the illusion that something is there. Once you master VR, AR will come a whole lot more faster.

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HoloLens is going to fail miserably unfortunately due to it having a serious FOV problem. Microsoft seem to have a habit of releasing things before the technology is ready. They had the same problem with Kinect too, that half a second or so worth of lag made it impractical for most gaming applications, and that's why bugger all developer support. And the same is going to happen with HoloLens too.

It might do future AR solutions a favour though because in the future, when the technology is actually ready, those AR solutions will get the same sort of hype that Oculus Rift got when compared to the Virtual Boy lol

In terms of entertainment VR will obliterate AR, in terms of education it will be the same...but in terms of training and work applications AR will be ahead.
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Neither one will ever replace the other, saying that one of them will is like saying cars will replace amusement parks.

VR will be the future of gaming, hopefully sooner than later, but it will take time.
AR on the other hand will replace mobile phones, monitors at work, physical menus at restaurants, etc.

However VR is here with in few months... AR will take years until its ready. HoloLens will fail, before it can work we need far better wireless technology.

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VR will have a greater impact now, because it's here.

AR will have a greater impact later, because it's mobile.

In the end, Reality and Virtuality are just two extreme cases of Augmented Reality anyway : An AR Headset could allow you to pick up and wear a Virtual VR Headset, or convince you that you're not wearing an AR Headset even when you are 🙂