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Valve adds custom button mapping to OpenVR.

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This is going to make life a whole lot easier:

Valve is about to make OpenVR a lot more open.

Technically, any VR content launched on Valve’s SteamVR platform will
support the three major headsets out there at the moment: the Oculus
Rift, HTC Vive and Microsoft’s Windows-based ‘Mixed Reality’ devices.
However, if a developer releases a game with only one or two of those
headsets truly optimized for it (as indicated on the game’s Steam page),
there’s a fair chance the headset that isn’t officially supported will
have some button mapping issues. Soon, though, you’ll be able to take
this issue into your own hands (literally).

Valve today a launched a temporary beta
for what it calls ‘OpenVR-InputEmulator’. This is going to give SteamVR
users the chance to map buttons on any PC-based VR controller however
they see fit. Oculus’ Touch, Vive’s wands and Window’s inside-out
tracked input systems are all great but also pretty different. Touch has
more buttons than that others, for example, while Vive has two grip
buttons instead of one. When using Touch controllers for a
Vive-optimized title, for example, you can sometimes find
inconsistencies in the control schemes that are annoying at best and
make games unplayable at worst.

You might even want to use the emulator to customized the same
controller; perhaps you’d prefer to use the trigger on Touch to grab

Right now this is only a test that users have to opt into via the
Properties tab on SteamVR and it will end on January 22nd. Hopefully
full integration isn’t too far behind; this feature is going to solve a
lot of headaches this year.

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Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
That article has it a bit backwards. OpenVR InputEmulator is a third-party tool that has existed for a while. Yesterday's SteamVR update broke it, so after some complaints, Valve set up a beta branch that reverted the input driver changes in the current release of SteamVR, so that InputEmulator will continue to work. (It's what those of us playing Fallout 4 VR use to make the control scheme usable on Touch controllers.)

It is true that Valve is planning to eventually add input remapping for motion controllers like they provide for Steam controllers, but currently they haven't released anything towards that goal.

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Damn, I havent tried "the new one" yet. But it definately got me all excited.
So we are still stuck with the same old. That´s such a shame.
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