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Vive Pro 2

Level 14

I saw this yesterday and I'm kind of interested to see what the specs and cost is.



Rumors swirling on the Vive reddit that it's 120hz lcd, 120 degree FOV, and much higher resolution than index. Guess we'll find out next week.


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That's unfortunate that the G2 isn't comfortable for you. I found it to be one of the most comfortable HMD's I've ever used but the default face plate wasn't good. It had some pressure on my temples which I didn't find uncomfortable but could be felt.


I also had a good deal of pressure on my temples with the stock G2 facial interface - and my FOV in G2 (via testhmd) was 98v 88h which is worse than CV1! Imagine my reaction the first time I put on the G2 😕 I own a 3D printer and have printed every single mod/interface on thingiverse, settling on HP Reverb G2 Face Cover better FOV / SweetSpot / wider Version - supportless - easy to print and can achieve 114v 100h with a 10mm pad. Have experimented with up to 16mm facial pad, but ultimately it's not the pressure on my face that's uncomfortable, more pressure along the sides of my head and at rear - I've also padded the rear area from occipital lobe and up, just can't make it fit/feel good on my head. 


You make an interesting point with Vive utilising double lenses for each eye - and a potential for edge to edge clarity. I definitely struggle with this and the G2, although once in game and doing my thing it's not overly troublesome. The 3D printed interface made a world of difference with opening up the sweet spot, but I'm certainly not achieving edge to edge clarity. 



That's literally the same experience I had with FoV. Exact numbers I got with default the first time I put it on and with my frankenfov...and then later a 3d printed one. I see the edges of the panels after 114v/100h. With default I was able to get it to 110v/96h or something like that by pushing in on the front. This increased the temple pressure but it would hold that FoV the whole session. This made it borderline uncomfortable but I could play hours like that.


I imagine headshape matters a lot with comfort due to the semi-rigid design in the rear, for me it's quite comfy and sits snug around my lobe with very little pressure. Yea peripheral blur and tracking volume(downward mostly) are the biggest gripes I have had since day 1 with G2....well and controller battery life. I'd go into more detail but G2 is old news now....


On to the new hotness.


That's really unfortunate for the Index pricing and availability in Australia.

Yea, I'm optmistic they will do a good job with the lenses and panels....but it's HTC. They've botched up a lot in the past. I'll remain somewhat skeptical until I look through it.

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I think with 5k res at 120 horizontal, that would probably mean text legibility and such will be similar to G2 just with wider FoV. We shall see.

I didn't find the G2 uncomfortable. No match for a CV1, but it was fine (better than a Quest). But the cable was another story. Rigid, thick and the rubber coating was grippy, it would pull my shirt when I turned my head. The original Rift-S cable was similar size but more flexible.




I never understood why that coating was chosen. Not only grippy to your shirt but it would catch on itself and not want to slide and then loop up and tangle. I solved my issues with it largely by Zip tying it in the rear of the headset so it dropped down similar to how CV1 did. This also kept the pressure off the port as the cable isn't the lightest thing either. Then I just unrolled it/spread it before I started playing. I rarely had issues after that. I never considered it a significant problem but it coulda been better for sure.

Yeah whilst that rubber coating "feels" nice to the touch, it can be irritating hanging over the shirt,

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I'm not as active on these forums as I once was - having moved away from Oculus when I went G2 / Knuckles

Nice to see your posts again! And yes, it's a rare gentleman to move on from the community when you have moved in to another platform; as opposed to just hanging around and trying to convince everyone here that "yours is better than hours" lol


The VP2 certainly looks good in terms of specs, and is no doubt alluring for anyone who already has base stations (2.0) and Knuckles. The one problem I've always had with Vive (aside from my general dislike of HTC) is that their HMD has some "tunnel vision." Both the original Vive CV1 and Vive Pro 1 had this tunnel vision. I tried both myself and found it distracting.


The Rift and Quest sit closer to the face, so the immersion factor feels more prevalent imo. The tunnel vision created by the Vive is too distracting for me. Aside from that, the headsets are top notch.

@Zenbane  With my Vive Pro eye relief fully in (even using glasses) I do not see any tunnel vision and the FOV is much better than Q1, Q2, Rift S, or Rift cv1.  I don't measure FOV but everything seems about 20% bigger (Vert/Horiz) if that makes any sense?  Much less light leakage as well so together with higher FOV it feels more immersive, at least to me anyway, esp. in sims.


Of course the OLED's work great in darkish games/sims and the Gear VR lens mod helps reduce SDE (although still visible with some solid colour backgrounds) and the sweet spot is almost edge-to-edge.  While there are a few that find that this lens mod does not work for them, I found the Etsy one's work perfect for me.  No distortion or eye strain, no fresnel rings, and no need to make any software distortion adjustments.  All I needed to do with them is reduce the IPD adjustment inward ~1.5mm.  I hope that the new Vive Pro 2 lens work as well.


As much as I love my Vive Pro full kit w/etsy gear vr lens mod and Index controllers, there is no way I'm going to pre-order a VP2. Been down the pre-order hype before with the OG Vive Cosmos, lol! I'm a little disappointed that the VP2 did not get fast/hi res OLED's. Maybe the lcd's will be ok, who knows? Or, maybe I'll need to wait a couple more years for a VP3 or Index 2.


Still going to be great to hear what people think of the VP2.  I'm sure that MRTV guy will find these 'Amazing', lol!

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Level 14

From what I've seen from the old TestHMD, the Vive Pro has 98-102 Horizontal FoV and somewhere around 126-128 for VFoV.


Quick comparison using the older TESTHMD results. I believe TESTHMD has been updated to measure rendered FoV or something and the totals are lower than this now for VFoV for all headsets... but for consistency with the older totals I'll stick with them for a comparison sake.


Horizontal/Vertical -

Rift CV1 - 88/116

RiftS - 88/116

Quest 2 (setting 3) - 88/120* (can lose a LOT of VFOV from the facial interface. Panel edge on HFOV is 88)

Vive - 92/114

G2 - 100/114* (this one can lose a lot of both VFOV and HFOV from stock face interface)

Vive Pro - 102/128

O+ - 102/132

Quest 1 - 104/120* - This one can also lose a lot of HFOV and VFOV with default interface

Index - 108/130

Vive Pro 2 - 120/?* (Won't know for sure until it's in peoples hands if that 120 numbers good)

Pimax 8kX - Like 160/103 or something. Fuzzy on this one cause I've seen numerous numbers.




Level 16

Well this is interesting.

In my purchase receipt from HTC, it states that only when my order is shipped will my card be charged for the purchase.

However this morning my card has officially been charged now for the purchase.

I am pretty sure it is not close to shipping yet, I thought it was stating to ship sometime in June.


No big deal I guess I have the funds available but I was not expecting it to go through until it did ship based on my order confirmation.

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Pretty sure the same thing happened to me when I preordered the OG Cosmos.  Seems if you use PayPal it gets charged right away but if you use a cc it does not get charged until shipped.  Crazy system, lol!

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@TomCgcmfc wrote:

Pretty sure the same thing happened to me when I preordered the OG Cosmos.  Seems if you use PayPal it gets charged right away but if you use a cc it does not get charged until shipped.  Crazy system, lol!

Hmm that may be it in my case then as I did use PayPal for the transaction.

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Level 14

Yea that's interesting. I used a CC and haven't been charged yet.