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My Oculus Quest developed a fault so I called Meta support who said,almost immediately,that they will replace it.They sent me a postal lable to print out and I sent off my headset (in excellent condition) with all the stuff that came with it,controllers,charger,manuals etc in its original packaging.It was received in Prague on the 12th July 2022.Despite being told I would receive a replacement within 3-5 days its now been eight weeks! I have emailed Meta support weekly since and I constantly get apologies and excuses,they have to 'investigate the issues for further investigation'! Whatever that means.They havent come up with one good reason why my headset hasnt been replaced.As it stands EIGHT WEEKS on my £400 Oculus Quest has basically been stolen! I really dont know what my next move can be,Im really at my wits end with this situation.My Oculus Quest was my main source of exercise so now my health is suffering too. Can anyone help put me in touch with any US consumer organisations that could help? There must be lots of others in the same situation,can we get together and try and get some action out of Meta support? They have treated me,a loyal customer,with utter disdain.


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Hi,just to let you know I finally got my replacement headset yesterday! I received a brand new boxed headset plus £50 credit to use at the Oculus Store as compensation for the delay. Its been a long haul but they did eventually do what they said they would.Thanks for your input.


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Hello @lordportly! This situation is totally unacceptable. We'd love to look into this with you today and try to get this resolved quickly.


We'll need some information to authenticate your account, so can you please DM us?


Please select our name to get to our profile page, or simply click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

Looking forward to it!

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Eight weeks?! How awful! And let me guess, customer service dropped the pretense about fixing everything in 3-5 days pretty quick, right? It makes you feel deceived from the start.


I've only been waiting four weeks to receive my headset, but I feel robbed, too. I know that in the US, small claims courts exist to handle this kind of problem. If you're in the UK, you've got small claims courts as well. Depending on how your legal system works, it should be a matter of filing a suit against Meta and listing the correct agent of service in the paperwork you file. I'm not a lawyer, I can't give you legal advice, but I'll share what I've found with you over PM if you'd prefer to seek legal action.


But hey, maybe @OculusSupport can help you out! Let us know if they do. I'm personally interested in knowing if they ask you for your personal information for account verification, and whether your giving them that information helps at all. I PMed them my personal information two weeks ago, and haven't received a reply since.

Hi,thanks for your response.Im hoping I dont have to go down the legal route as it could be difficult with Meta being a US company and the support based who knows where? Meta support certainly isnt based in the US,by the names of the support staff I'd say its in the Phillipines or Vietnam.And which part of Meta is in the Czech Republic? Thats where I had to send my headset.Its all very confusing and there seems to be no communication between them all.I will keep you updated.Cheers.

Hello,since my last message I have had a response from Oculus support,its almost exactly the same response that Ive been getting for the last eight weeks from Meta support! Utterly useless! Looks like Im going to have to go down the legal route after all.I'll be sending off a letter to Meta headquarters tomorrow.I shall also try and get some of the UK national press involved.Im going to go all out to give them some bad publicity,they deserve it.Screenshot 2022-09-05 23.24.04.png

It's hell to be told to just wait longer, isn't it? No attempt at amelioration, no offering options or alternatives, just an admission that the problem is beyond them.


That sucks, man. Good luck, I hope you get results.

As a matter of interest,where did you send your headset back to? Mine went to Prague,Czech Republic,I assume thats some kind of repair or distribution centre. Did yours have a fault and are you getting the same vague responses to your emails? Cheers.

My situation is a little different from yours - I ordered a headset and an accessory, and only received the accessory. I've gotten them same vagueries and runaround with customer service, though.


This thread mentions folks sending their headsets in and finding them shipped to Prague. Perhaps there's someone or some information useful to you there.

To let you know I am today writing to your head office by registered letter informing them that I am going to start legal action through the UK Small Claims Court.I am utterly disgusted at how I have been treated.And please, I couldnt give a **bleep** about earning badges,I just want what is rightfully mine.To quote Blazing Saddles 'we dont need no stinking badges'.

Hi,just to let you know I finally got my replacement headset yesterday! I received a brand new boxed headset plus £50 credit to use at the Oculus Store as compensation for the delay. Its been a long haul but they did eventually do what they said they would.Thanks for your input.