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Warning - Do not buy directly from Oculus

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This is a rant about one of the worst customer support experiences I have ever had.   Around mid October I received my brand new Quest 2.  From the very beginning the unit would not change and the usb port did not work properly.  Oculus support was great at the start and tried to solve the problem but it became apparent that the unit was faulty and they had to send me a new one.  


To do this it meant I needed to send back the broken unit.  This is when things started to go bad.  After contacting them several times just to send me a pre paid postage label it ended up taking them 3 weeks to do this.  I sent it back to them which took 3 days to get to them and now they have my broken Quest 2.  Every time I contact support they use the same scripted apologies and say to wait 3 to 5 business days but this has gone on for 2 weeks now and I am getting no where with them.


I got this as a Birthday present for my daughter which was 6 weeks ago.  It is now going on 7 weeks and I still haven heard anything back about what is happening.  


After reading on many other forums I figured out my biggest mistake was to buy directly from Oculus when I should of got it through Amazon where I could of at least returned it and had an outcome by now.


I am so disappointed with this company and how I have been treated. 


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Just an update on this thread.  It is now going into 7 weeks since I received my quest 2 which was broken and I have been asking support every day what is going on and all they can say is it has been passed on to someone higher up.  At least I have learnt from this experience and that its better to buy from a bricks and mortar store so you can physically take it back to the store or at least hold someone accountable for selling a faulty product. 

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True story !!  They are without question the worst customer service company I have ever dealt with.  The fact that they were bought by Facebook has not helped at all.  It has probably made it worse.  There is no way to deal with them outside of their closed loop customer system which is populated with bots or people reading from a scripts (same thing).  There is zero accountability.  

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The tricky thing about Oculus the company and Oculus support is that no one can be held accountable tor anything that happens.  All I am getting from support now is that it is out of they're hands and they have done everything they can.  Just wait another 3 to 5 business days and they hope something will happen.  This is simple,  I got a brand new quest 2.... It didn't work.... I sent it back.... They have my old one.... So send me a replacement.  It's like taking a brand new TV back to the store a day later.  The store wont tell you to wait 3 to 5 business days to get it sorted.  They will replace it on the spot.



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Just to point out FB bought Oculus its no longer 'oculus' its faceboculus.

Oculus were actually awesome back in the day when it was Oculus............

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And that's what happens when bigger companies buy out the small guys.  You can clearly see where they have cut costs on this.   Support have no idea and from what I can gather they have too many of these coming in broken and they can't keep up with the replacements.


Just don't buy one. 

I just wanted to keep this thread going until my matter has been resolved by Oculus.  It has now been since early October when I got a brand new Quest 2 that was faulty.  Oculus have had the returned item for more than 8 weeks now and simply can't tell me what is going on.  All I wanted was a replacement but since that is getting me no where I have asked for a refund.


Just a warning to anyone thinking of getting one of these for Christmas,  if it works than you are lucky.  If it is faulty then be prepared to go through what I have.  They are hopeless at support and have no idea what they are doing.  

Wow sorry to hear that Oculus Support used to be quite good. Hope they get you sorted asap.

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I don't think support is actually there to solve problems or fix things.  3 months into this now it feels like that aspect of the company are there just to start off by telling a lie and then apologise from there on in. 


If I were running a business like this I certainly would not be making people suffer this way.  Looking back from the beginning they seemed keen to help and resolve the issue but after reading what other people have gone through this is just part of a process which feels like a total scam.