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Warning Screen

Level 4

since i read a posting here about getting Motion sickness i thought we could work out a warning Screen to use in all Rift games including every eligible warning for Rift-gaming.

Something like :
" Warnings : * immediately stop playing if You feel any of the following symptoms: - Headaches, dizziness, nausea, heavy sweating, excessive production of saliva "

This also could include warnings about having enough room to Play, no open fire, no risky fixtures around,...andsoon

I think about something like a Standard like XBox is using for Kinect gaming.

Level 2
I took your comment as blaming me and the other guys for bringing this up before. Now I realize you talking to Oculus, lol.

I'm glad the warning is so much more tame than anything people thought up here!

Level 3
I can't really blame any of you, but there was a little of a sarcastic hint. :lol:

Level 2
A one-time warning screen is enough, if any. Please don't make me sit through a warning screen for every use.

Level 3
A simple short warning covering all legal cases:

"This device should not be used by anyone"

Level 2
For the development purposes I think you can disable the screen or even replace it entirely with your own. I recall seeing something like that in the SDK documentation.

Level 4
Surgeon General's Warning: If you experience any of the following symptoms please take an immediate break, or consult your Coroner.

Level 3
get your ass to mars.. get your ass to mars.. get your ass to mars..
I preordered a DK2 in April, from Australia.. ..and Im still completely sane!! ;P

Level 3
The one issue that I see is that this is going to be one of those "PITA" things that will dissuade people from even using it. To counter our laziness, I would do the following:

During installation / configuration of the initial Rift setup, add the warning there, with the line, "By continuing installation, the end user acknowledges that they read the warnings" or something. Then, don't display it again.

Let the developers add in their specific warnings, etc.. for when their game launches. This should be a "best practices" guideline. Oculus could distribute a generic warning label, but allow the developers to customize it if they so wish.
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