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Watch out: Oculus store credit expires a day early, they are in a weird time zone

Level 2

I received $10 store credit via email, expiring on 7/28. When trying to spend it, I found it already expired. As of 7:30PM on 7/28, they have told me the credit is no longer valid because it expires at 7:50AM on 7/29. As it isn't the 29th of June yet, the credit should not be expired yet.


Oculus support told me that because it is already 7/29 in their country, my store credit had already expired, even though it is 7/28 here in the US (Texas). (Timestamps are GMT, according to the chat transcript sent via email.)

(12:19:27)Leandro: I appreciate you for patiently waiting! As we start, I would like to apologize but the  $10 store credit has already been expired July, 29, 2021 - which gave us the reason why we're unable to use it.
(12:20:04)Lee: That date is in the future.
(12:20:15)Lee: Today is the 28th
(12:30:24)Leandro: I'm very sorry but you'll be unable to use it as in your country, the date today is July 28th which also the expiration date. But in my country the date today is July 29th, but it means that it's been also expired.

They seem very firm about this- that the credits are expired because they are in a different time zone, and credits expire in this different time zone.


Has anybody had any similar experiences? How do I know what time zone (or calendar system or future reality) Oculus is based in? It would be nice if they indicated in their emails that dates are not necessarily correct for North American users.