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Weekly VR News - The Grid VR (May)

Level 5
Hi all,

I make a weekly VR news show called 'The Grid'.
Instead of spamming this forum, I create one post for each month and update it with the latest episode.  

Here is May:

Ep 13 - May 26th:
Townsmen VR, Alien VR (not Isolation), Farpoint Debuts at No. 2, HTC Link, Detached, BlazeRush Free

Ep 12 - May 19th:
Half Life 2 VR, HTC Vive Mobile VR, Google Daydream, Oculus Tech, Evangelion, Grav Lab, Family Guy, SteamVR Home, Pavlov Rust MW3 Map

Ep 11 - May 12th:
Marvel Games VR, Payday 2 VR Free, Half Life 2 VR, Palmer Cosplay, Google buys Owelchemy, StarVR, IBM watson, Startrek Bridge Crew

Ep 10 - May 5th
Oculus Story Studio closes, Valve writers leave, Eye Tracking + Foveated Rendering, Acers Mixed Reality HMD, Bigscreen Update, Wallpaper Engine Oculus Wallpapers

April thread:

March thread: