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What is your current go-to VR Experience?

Level 16

Due to real life demands (work, parenting, pandemic), I've been taking a long break from virtual reality. Granted, I was practically living in VR from 2016 - 2019. So a break was well overdue.


I'm planning to spend some time in VR this weekend, and while I have my own backlog to complete, between Quest native and PCVR, I'm curious as to what I may be missing out on.


So what is your current go-to VR Experience?


Level 12

A few titles i always come back to.

rhythm - beat saber

boxing - thrill of the fight

general arcade shooter - robo recall

arena shooter - hyperdash has now completely erased solaris

sports - sports scramble

mini golf - walkabout mini golf

puzzle exploration - red matter

These games have endless replay, just for the experience.

Level 16

Alyx would be the first choice. Alyx doesn't relate that much to the other Half-Life games (where you're Gordon Freeman), I wouldn't feel bad about trying a few Alyx levels even if you're not done with other Half-Life games.


Or try Room VR - you do like puzzles 😉


Personally I really like Medal of Honor Above & Beyond. 


Or maybe just some Compound for some casual shooting, lol 🙂

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Level 8

Not sure what headsets you have, but here is what I have been enjoying


Beat Saber (keep trying to beat Pittcanna's scores, but he's pretty good!)

Warhammer: Battle Sisters

The Climb 1 and 2

In Death (unchained)

Half-Life Alyx is phenomenal and I'm playing some of the add on user content that is just as good as the main game and some of them are quite substantial, so you'll get lots of play from that.

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I've been playing a lot of Ancient Dungeon lately. The dev just released a patch that added a lot of polish and new stuff to the game.


Also, Walkabout Mini Golf just added a new space-themed course last week, and Puzzling Places recently added several new puzzles.


I also picked up Yupitergrad recently. It seems pretty fun, but I haven't gone too far into it yet.

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It's my favourite rhythm game.

It's also cross buy.

HOWEVER, it depends on the headset.

CV1 - It's awesome.

Rift-S - The controller vibration is really lacking and sound is worse.

Quest Native - Same sound and controller vibration issues as Rift-S, and runs low quality graphics (less particles, less glow, etc).

Quest 2 Native - Better sound and controller vibration than Quest. Still low quality graphics, but otherwise experience is as fun as CV1.

Reverb G2 with SteamVR version - didn't enjoy at all, I'd rather play on a Rift-S.


CV1 and Quest 2 are both great for Audica, but assuming both are available I'd choose the CV1 (but I'd be happy with Quest 2 if it was more convenient). Both have great controller feel, but the CV1 has PC quality game graphics and better sound.


But yeah, I haven't been in VR much lately either.

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Level 8

Try to play Battle Arena VR multiplayer (with real people). It may remind you some other game (especially those green weapon) but with rope jumps instead of ... jumps. And it's free.


Other games list depends on what is in backlog. If you have not tried any of listed below, then it is better to try them first. Even if it will be 10 minutes try.


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Volunteer Moderator

Trying desperately to get the last bit of performance out of my old PC in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It's so close to being playable after the latest v27 update but until I get my hands on a new GPU and CPU I'm probably going to immerse myself in something else... will keep a close eye on this thread for suggestions!

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Level 16

Great suggestions all around. I plan to go through most, if not all of them. Today I started with... Ancient Dungeon.


Awesome recommendation, nalex! I love this classic dungeon crawler feel. It very much reminds me of the original Oculus Title in this genre, Crystal Rift. I'm looking forward to spending lots of time in Ancient Dungeon. So much to unlock!