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What to buy? Opinions? Help?

Level 4
If you don't like to read, please just don't  (then complain about the length...),  I work like 20 hours days 7 days a week, Insomnia monster., I have been in lockdown alone for a year come February,  I just have to say things the way I do,..

I am looking for an improved PC VR experience. I have no particular interest in 'Mobile' (but would LOVE to go wireless) I guess I could see needing Mobile to BUILD to mobile.  But I have heard terrible things about comfort, on both Quests,  I am a developer who works in the HMD 12-18 hours a day,. (really).  I was sent a Rift CV1 from Oculus with the Touch controllers etc. (out of the BLUE!!!  Best day ever.) back in late 2017.    I had bought an Odyssey, but it was so uncomfortable, the Controllers were not a matched pair, there were so many problems.  I hated the Halo  .  I couldn't wear it for working..  (Returned)    The CV1 was perfection.   I have been working on it nearly every day since then, literally setting it down on bed of 3" foam never on a hard surface, Babying it,.  (MY PRECIOUS...)   I never thought it would be the CABLE that went 😞  i USED overhead Cable management,. BUT it went where the Clip is and near where it plugs in the headset.  Nothing I( could have done for that except HARDENED the area with UV activated Epoxy or ?   Such a  shame, 😞  My perfect device.  I got a Valve Index (They too sent me one actually, ALSO completely out of the blue , also, after seeing my work online I guess? I am SO LUCKY I was home both days if they had been lost in the mail,  I never even would have known they were on the way!  😮
Anyways My cable has started to go in the CV1 and I am so depressed,.  I have always resisted getting the 'Rift S' because it feels like a downgrade to be honest in many a.   Not even as high resolution as the Odyssey!
  I just watched a video about removing the faceplate Assembly and the halo by PRESSING BUTTONS AND NO SCREWS ETC!  ( ) and I think it gave me  little hope,  If I could somehow put my Rift Head band and and headphones on the Rift S OR use my Gear VR Straps! ") 
I know the headphones from the CV1 will be no problem when thy stopped working and the 'Wire Between' trick to stopped working,  I found I could wire them to a Long Standard Headphone Cable and just ran that to my Computer with the CV1 cable.   I can make a Short Cable and Plug and plug them in to the Rift S (I will glue the actual headsets on the Rift6 S Halo if I have to ;~)  BUT I might take that one more step and try to actually give the Rift S a new Strap! 

I guess I wish I could afford a Quest 2 as well,,. To build to, start uploading my games to Oclulus.  It would be so perfect for my new Show,.. As I have reached nearly 3,000 Subscribers on my VR Youtube channel ( )  I am starting a new Online VR Game and App Development Training Series,  I am calling the series:  'WORKING (while) IN VR!'   all about using the Unreal Engine VR Editor tool (and any and all others!)  to create Games, Apps and 'Holodeck' Worlds in a tenth the time. Also using the tool that is VR to write music, Design, Rig and Animate Characters, implementing game play and (of course) Testing!   I really feel STUCK with the Rift S...  The Index is SO UNCOMFORTABLE and Heavy, the Horizontal FOV was a MASSIVE Disappointment to me,. 


1) Use my Oculus Dashboard in a Non Oculus headset?
2)  See and interact in Oculus Home?  I like to go in there, pull desktop screens in,  Dashboard, and a Netflix and work,..
3)  What would anyone suggest, very open ended question here! 🙂  I want to use a VR Headset to 'WORK' in VR,.. Using PC (i'm an Unreal Engine developer) 
4) Would someone maybe want to trade a Valve Index for ? (Headset only, though I do have the 1.0 basestations and HTC Wand)  I would probably trade those too. (But for what??)

THANK YOU  FOR UNDERSTANDING,  I have been so depressed ever since Rift S was announced,. They created perfection after YEARS and YEARS of research, BUILDING A FAMILY, then threw that all out with the bathwater and went to LENOVO ...  It still make so dame angry..   I do have a Rift S arriving tomorrow,  I am prepared to MOD the S**T out of it,.