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What wireless products do I need to connect Oculus Go to hotel wifi regarded as captive portal

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I'm staying in a hotel and their Wi-Fi doesn't support the Oculus Go "Initial" set up. What wireless product(s) will be successful in setting the headset up? 

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Volunteer Moderator
You could try making a hotspot with your phone.
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Thanks Kojack, I attempted with my Samsung S6 and SJ7 and for whatever reason it didn't work either. Any other suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. Checking out youtube I may have to invest in a range extender "TP AC1900" touch screen router and possibly a laptop. I believe I will need to create a new private network with password to successfully link the Oculus Go onto.

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I have not been anywhere where my Go has not been able to connect with any WIFI as long as I had the right password.  Sometimes there are restrictions as to what sites they will allow you to go to though, lol!
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Any low cost travel router from Amazon will do; so long as:
  • It supports one of, or both, 2.4ghz and 5ghz WiFi bands.  5ghz WiFi channels tend to have less interference, and higher bandwidth.
  • The ability to use a wired connection is a "nice to have," as some hotels support, or only offer, wired Internet access.    Wired connections tend to be faster.
  • It supports "captive portal" authentication.  A captive portal is when, after connecting the travel router to an access point, you must then use a web browser (like on your phone) to finish establishing the connection.
  • The capability to switch DNS servers, after establishing a connection; in case the hotel decides to block certain Internet domains; like the one(s) used by your favorite apps/games.
  • A Google search reveals the typical maximum measured WiFi bandwidth of the Quest is about 900mbps.  For maximum "happiness," the travel router should try to support something "close" to this number.
  • A physical size that you can live with; without accidentally leaving it behind, when you checkout.

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Thanks for your info bro, going to check that out.