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Whats happened to The Gallery Six Elements

Level 12
Anybody have any news on this. I backed this some time ago but they seem to have disappeared. Website looks unchanged since march, no news on DK2 intentions and I cant remember the last time I saw them on the forum.

There is a fire world demo put on about a month ago without update or commentary.

This was one of the really exciting prospects for VR. Exploration school was good but I was expecting updates etc. for backing early?

Level 2
Yeah, I'm curious too. I was chatting with their sound design guy a couple weeks ago. I didn't ask him if they had a release date but I got the impression they're still in development.

Level 12
They were really active, putting out great videos, progress etc and now nothing. My DK2 arriving in the next 2 weeks
and would love to know what I backed is going to converted. Also it would be nice to update the people backing them.

Level 5
I heard from the dev when I asked the same question a month or so ago. I wanted to (and still do), pre order etc, but the dev said that they are on the verge of some exciting news coming soon. But not heard anything since. I still want to preorder!

Level 3
Lets keep this thread updated. I also backed this game and really want to see something for my $$$. I really hope they have some good news coming. The early beta's they showed looked fantastic.

Level 4
It had pretty high requiments. Would be difficult to run it at 75fps with low persistence

Level 12
I've just got a I7 and 780TI, so hoping it should run. 😄

Level 2
This is one of the best. Really hoping for dk2 support.

Level 2
They told me on reddit that they're waiting for a DK2 to add support for it.
Last I've seen of them:
DK2 Status: DELIVERED Reddit: FourTails

Level 12
Thanks EvanB, good to know.