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When/will Oculus Home ever be open to other VR hardware users?

Level 8
As some one who owns a Rift but has a friend that owns a Vive, I have often thought that it is a shame that Oculus has not fully opened up their Home software and store to support the other major VR hardware, such as the Vive and WinVR.

This came up again the other day when I responded to a comment on a website about an article for the new Insomniac game "Stormlands". The person making the comment was a Rift and Vive owner and was bemoaning Oculus's "exclusives" for not putting them on other platforms and how he wouldn't buy them until they change that situation.

I replied by saying, well why should Oculus put a game they've funded on Steam and give Valve a 30% cut of their sales? It's entirely reasonable that Oculus wouldn't want to do that. However I did also add that it would be much better if Oculus opened up the Home software with official support for other VR hardware. This way Oculus funded games like Stormlands wouldn't be considered "exclusives" and generate all this negativity. To his credit the guy replied that he hadn't thought of it that way before and that I had a good point. How often does that happen? I was pleasantly surprised I can tell you right now! It's not all bad on the internet after all.

Anyway I personally would love to see Oculus Home open up the gates to other VR hardware. I think Oculus Home is great, it's way nicer than Steam VR and the Oculus 1st party games so to speak are pretty much the best out for VR. It seems a shame then that I can't share these experiences with my mate who owns a Vive. I'd love to be able to play "From Other Suns" with him or something similar. Yes, it would mean that support for the other HMD's would have to be put into the Oculus titles, but I don't see how that would in anyway diminish the Rift experience. Many of the other 3rd party games on the Oculus store already also reside over on the Steam store as well, and provide compatibility for both HMD's and in some cases Win VR too.

I do realise that there is ReVive that provides a compatibility of sorts for Vive users, but in essence it's still a 3rd party hack and doesn't offer the sort of stability and peace of mind security that proper official support would do for folks, especially when they're considering spending their hard earned cash. Not only that but I think providing proper official support for other HMD hardware users would be a big positive PR boost for Oculus and should put to bed all the anti Oculus exclusivity rants and the general negativity surrounding them. I don't think people would have a problem with Oculus games only being sold on the Oculus store if owners of other VR hardware had access to them. And let's face it, it can only be good for consumers of VR and the VR scene as a whole. If the, presumably one man band, creator of ReVive can provide Vive support of sorts, then why can't Oculus? It's been 2 years now, isn't it time they finally opened the gates?


Level 16
I don't fully understand how it's all going to work tbh. I've just heard that the majority of voting that's been done has agreed with the Oculus suggestions of ways going forward.
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It's just competition bro. If Oculus had launched with full Vive support, then who would have bothered buying a Rift? Remember, the Vive launched with hand-controllers, multiple sensors, and full-room scale. The Rift launched with one sensor, no hand-controllers, a Remote Control, and an XBox gamepad.

This conversation is just so old, and the answer should be obvious. Oculus is a closed platform yet its platform is superior to all else, that includes: The Microsoft Store, Google Store, VivePort, and SteamVR.

There's no reason for Oculus to give up their competitive advantage. Good will has no place in corporate America, my friends!