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When will asyncronos space warp be released to the Commuinty ? With Touch ?

Level 3
Just wondering.

Level 10
Mileage may vary but for me it's a real game changer for Elite Dangerous. I set it on Auto (CTRL+4) and using the debug tools to check differences in FPS I was able to raise drastically my graphical settings to get same result than before. And even more : on RES sites I was always stuttering a lot during fight and now it's all smooth and butter. Really impressed and I'm rediscovering ED. I lowered lightly some settings to get ASW only when needed (meanly fps eaters like Occlusions, AA and Shadow, where I always keep at zero for personal taste bloom & blur).

Really happy with this change, really impressed how smooth it change dog fighting or in Station. Slight blur due to 45fps instead of 90fps cannot be notified during an intensive fight, but big judder I had previously was game breaker.

Very very good ! 🙂

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Level 7
Been able to try ASW with a few titles last night and this morning...

American Truck Simulator ... able to increase detail level & SS at 125%, looks smooth with ASW on.
Project CARS ... Full Ultra settings, PP, DS2x, 1.25 PPDPO ... not so smooth with ASW, more tweaking required to hit the sweet spot.
Assetto Corsa ... Max detail, PP, 2x AA, 1.25 PPDPO ... can normally hit 90fps with a few drops, ASW Auto is butter smooth
Prepared 3D [P3D] ... ASW does it no favours ... ATW looks/feels smoother, my fps varies 20~45.

Definitely see the need to hit a solid 45fps for ASW to do it's magic. Personally wont bother using ASW, except for Assetto Corsa, PCars, ETS2 and ATS.
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Level 7
Auto ASW kicks in too soon.
it would be better if it kicks in at 85 fps or so. In Dirt RallyI have a lot more headroom for a smooth native 90fps experience with ATW alone than with auto ASW on. I really hope I'm not forced to use auto ASW in the future.
It's great in many ways, but if the app is keep scratching on a 90fps mark, it's contra-productive.
At least that's my experience with the few apps I've tested so far.

Level 5

Syndroid said:

I just tested it with Dirt Rally and the experience is worse with ASW enabled.
Here is the reason why: I'm playing this game with an optimizied graphic setting and super sampling rate, so that it is always just scratching the 90fps mark with occasional drops below 90, but the experience is always smooth enough with ATW alone.
Now with auto ASW enabled, those sudden 45fps drops are much more noticible and resulting in a much less smooth experience overall. 

ASW is great for fixing positional judder/ghosting on low fps and more importantly, to bring judder free VR to lower spec PCs, but it's not a tool to crank up your graphic settings I'd say.
However, I can see ASW working good enough in slower games with not much movement going on.

Exact same conclusion mate 😉

Since yesterday I've retest Assetto Corsa & I confirm: with settings for perfect 90fps is way more juddery with ASW.