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Where are we with US Orders?

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Hey Guys,

I've tried to keep up-to-date with all shipping quos.  I know out of country many areas like UK and Germany are 3-4 weeks on average ahead of the newest shipping estimates, while at the same time some areas like Australia and Japan due to various importing reasons are behind.  Unfortunately this topic is excluding our international brothers and sisters (sorry guys), instead I want feedback to US orders only.  I know Cyber (and really, we love ya man, you're amazing) has went on record with saying to his knowledge Oculus is still in line with the current shipping estimates, so in the US is this true?  I know the newest phase should be up until the 12 if I'm not mistaken, so are people finding this to be true or are they wrong yet again and falling behind?  I only ask because I saw my own order slip from March to April and then April till 5/23-6/2 so am two to three weeks from my own shipment and after a failed Amazon purchase where I got one only to see it slip away when they oversold and then didn't give me a date, I know honestly know how many more disappointments I want to take.  I'm not upset and not knocking them, I am patient and don't mind if you give me a realistic shipping estimate and it's not immediate but simply don't like being strung along again and again so think this last one might be my last chance for them if they fail again.  A further issue for me personally is that my debit card on file expires in June which wasn't ever supposed be a problem since my order was initially March, then April and now May, but if it is sent out June 1st or 2nd would be a issue and I haven't gotten a new card or number in the mail yet.

 I am truly hoping Oculus really is honoring these new shipping estimates so you guys please tell me.  Anyone out there in the US still not see anything and your date has come to pass or really close to it?
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31 here, processed yesterday. Received this morning. I found it very funny cause I could have walked to the where it shipped from.

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I am 33, the latest i've seen on this forum was 31, that means mine is soon to ship 🙂

Yeah, I'm a 31xxxx order and I know I'm close. They seem have to gone up to around the 40min mark which is amazing, since I was doubting oculus so much earlier in the month. I have to take back what I had previously said because of how things are going currently. 
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Yeah I'm 40 min 

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Glad you guys are getting your units.
Though you are more than slightly incoherent, I agree with you Madam,
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I am a 35er looks like 30-32 are getting prep now... so... hopefully I can get mine by early June?
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31er  at 47min here. Just got my processing email and charge on paypal. Over delivering I see. 
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30xxx here 40 min got charged and processing email at 3:21am

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307XXXX Here, Ordered within the first hour. Initial estimate of April. Updated to last week of May or June at latest. Shipped Monday, should be here tomorrow. UPS says it was last seen en route somewhere in IL.

Level 9
My Rift is on an UPS trick now and should be delivered any time! US 29'er in Wyoming - Good luck to everyone still waiting!

Level 3
 😞 im a 41 minute order 31xxxxx no email yet, this is stressful