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Where is the love for the enthusiasts?

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I'm sure there are posts about this already, and to be honest, I still want to create another one hoping they'll get the picture.


I just got the Quest 2 after starting with the DK2, and getting my Rift CV1 as part of the first set of preorders (sold out in 14 mins, my email confirmation was :06).


I'm pretty upset with a lot of things about the Quest 2, and I completely understand the reason for the shortcomings; primarily to cut cost. Fine, makes sense.


But where's the 'enthusiast' model for those who have been there since the beginning? Who was hoping that after 6 years, we'd have a little bit better than the Quest 2? 


I don't care about the wireless, I'll never use it without my PC. 


Where is my super-resolution-upgraded, amazing glass, lightweight/comfortable, with amazing sound...and about 20 other improved features of the "Oculus Rift SEV"?? (Super Expensive Version)??


I want to have to upgrade every aspect of my computer to handle the framerate, and I don't even want to realize it's on my head even after 6 hours...


Come on Zuckerberg, you went there yourself and tested out the first Oculus before you bought the company.


How about a little love for those that got just as excited about it as you did? I'd be happy to spend $2k if I thought it was worth it.


I will absolutely admit I haven't looked for the 'one-offs' of the super-vr world, but I really shouldn't have to.


When I got the DK2, I started coding in Unity and built my own VR game...(centipede...shut up, I don't code). The point is, that's where I knew it could lead. Revolutionary, new experiences that nobody else without a bunch of money could afford, and so...never experienced.


Obviously, they NEED to cater to the masses...Unfortunately, they just did it too soon. I realize it doesn't take much to impress people with VR, but us enthusiasts are the ones that invested the time and money to share the dream that still is unrealized...not due to technology/software...just due to greed....


The entirety of the Oculus company is built from SCRAPS scraped off of the floor of Facebook.


Imagine what it would be like if Zuckerberg still cared about the experience, instead of the money.


I get sucks going to buy some toilet paper and the teller saying I only have 9 billion in this account...


Unless there's another explanation.

See, the fact that you said this, tells me that you weren't one of the people who pre-ordered the CV1 and especially didn't have experience with the DK2.


The fact that we have more choices for HMDs is really not the point of my post.


The point is, they have forgotten who is responsible for making VR even remotely successful in the first place.


When I had the CV1, before anyone else, watching my mother in-law, on the floor, screaming and kicking at the T-Rex walking towards her?


THAT....was what the VR was for.


But yeah, the narrowed vision, weight, **bleep**ty straps (oh, I ordered those to, we'll see), no headphones, can't wear for long periods of time, doesn't work with all the other CV1 stuff that would make tracking better...


The CV1 is bounds and leaps better than the Quest 2....6 years later...


the ONLY thing...and I mean, the ONLY thing that makes the quest 2 better is the screen.

You are absolutely right, in many ways, especially regarding how it can be used in ways I haven't seen yet. Like the Air Link. I honestly received my Q2 yesterday, and I had no reason not to upgrade prior...really...CV1 still works. I think it was for my nephews/nieces.


Don't get me wrong, I was using that 'VR Desktop' app back when you had to pay $15 I think? Either way, that's standard now. And yes, the versatility of the headset is wonderful...


But, a VR enthusiast isn't the one that wants to be able to respond to his boss on the crapper in VR...yeah, yeah...extreme, I know.


The point is, when the CV1 was on it's way to being released, they did EVERYTHING right. Yes, they had to try, in order to gain favor in the market...


But, again, if Zuckerberg thought that VR would be making him billions right now, then he's a moron.


I was expecting him, based on his enthusiasm, to make sure this was an experience unlike any before.


Now, apparently it's just about making money to show people and experience EXACTLY LIKE, any before...


Oculus accounts for like 0.00000000001% of the money involved in that empire. 


The fact that there isn't a 4k, per eye, using carbon fiber and quantum entanglement to ensure low latency....means that he doesn't care.


Yeah, I could go get other ones, and let me just tell you right now...not having various ones? Means nothing when it comes to a VR enthusiast.


Purchasing multiple ones means you know nothing about VR, really. You throwing on different headsets, for different experiences, means nothing in regards to VR.


Let me ask you a question...Have you ever stood on top of "The Wall" from Game of Thrones? Have you rode the elevator up, walked along the top, heard the wind blowing and looked down over the cliff at the north?


No, you haven't. And you know why? Because you THINK you're an enthusiast, when you really don't know what makes VR special. 


The Quest 2 sucks. It's good for the price, I'll give you that. But it SUCKS. 


The fact that, for long-term gaming, I would rather use the original I bought 6 years ago? And so would anyone that really gamed with it? Is absolutely pathetic. He could reach in his couch for the money to build an enthusiast model.


@IBdaMac  Maybe come back in a month or so once you've explored your 1 day old Q2's potential a little more mate.  BTW, I'm not saying that the Rift cv1 is obsolete but I've now gladly retired mine in favour of my Q2.  I probably helps that I also have an oled Vive Pro for flight sims and apps that strongly benefit from oled (although the Q2 does a very good job with most imho). Maybe you will do the same in the long run.  Who knows?


Also, searching for the perfect VR headset that can do it all is like searching for Unicorns imho.  Enthusiasts, like master mechanics, always have alternative tools that do similar things but work better for some jobs.  Personally, I've given up on trying to find the perfect one-and-only VR headset.  I've had lots of headsets over the past 4-5 years, including a Google box, Dell WMR, Rift cv1, Vive Cosmos, Vive Pro (and Vive Wireless Adapter), Rift S, Q1, and Q2.  For me, the one that comes closest to this right now is my Q2, lol!


Sorry, but just as an aside;  As a so-called VR enthusiast, why have you just joined this forum yesterday and made this thread your one and only posts?  Just asking.  Maybe a reason for this.  Still good you did this because it does bring a few other Enthusiasts out of the woodwork, lol!  Cheers mate.

9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Q2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro

@TomCgcmfc I agree, my complaints are a bit premature so I apologize. I will definitely be spending more time on it and exploring it's capabilities.


And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the Q2 is just a piece of crap, and I'm angry about it, even if it sounds that way. It's more of the fact that I know what the VR is capable of and hopefully the elite strap and all that helps. But the tunnel vision alone is a bit disheartening...they can use the 'it makes people less sick' excuse all they want.


The reason for this post is I want the option of getting the $1500 Quest 2+ or whatever they want to call it. The one that my computer just can't keep up with.


Oh and the reason I'm only one day old on here is because I had decided to delete my Facebook account (the one I made back when you needed a .edu address) for various reasons...and with it, my ability to use my rift. I lost all my games because of it...which was annoying. Yes, I know I could get them and get my account and just not have a facebook page etc... I just said screw it, and am starting over...basically the same time I'm able to get back into VR heavily.

@IBdaMac wrote:

Obviously, they NEED to cater to the masses...Unfortunately, they just did it too soon.

I think that history truly says otherwise. Quest 2 was released this year, and marks Facebook/Oculus doubling down on Stand-Alone over PCVR. But what came before that?


  • Oculus DK1 was released in 2013
  • Oculus DK2 was released in 2014
  • Oculus Rift CV1 was released in 2016
  • Oculus Touch was released at the end of 2016

Which PCVR exclusive titles did Oculus provide?

  • Lucky's Tale
  • Edge of Nowhere
  • Wilson's Heart
  • Echo Arena
  • Lone Echo
  • VR Tournament Challenge
  • Asgard's Wrath
  • Dead & Buried
  • From other suns
  • Arktica .1

And that's not even a comprehensive list. Considering everything Oculus contributed to the strict dedicated PCVR market from 2013 up to 2020, one is hard-pressed to say that they stopped "too soon." Seven  years committed to a single technology that fails to go truly mainstream is "too long," not "too soon."



@IBdaMac wrote:

Imagine what it would be like if Zuckerberg still cared about the experience, instead of the money.

Instead of imaging that, I can simply observe that no matter what Zuckerberg does to bring more VR experiences to more people, he still gets criticized. Imagine if people put aside their self-interest and tried to look at things from another's perspective?


Aside from that, Zuckerberg is running a business. And a business should be profitable. I am not sure why you would suggest that a business shouldn't care about profits.


The last thing worth mentioning here is that Oculus has given us plenty of FREE Software. So the idea that they only care about money simply doesn't hold water.

Besides all that, as a Rift CV1 owner who now owns a Quest 2, I can say that Zuckerberg most certainly cares about the experience. My experience in VR with the Quest 2 and my PC is significantly greater than it was with the Rift. You said earlier that you don't care about wireless, but not everyone sets aside the amazing freedom that wireless provides.

I do find tethered VR to be very limiting and immersion breaking. Tethered VR is a lesser VR experience that wireless. So the experience has gotten better.



@IBdaMac wrote:

I will absolutely admit I haven't looked for the 'one-offs' of the super-vr world, but I really shouldn't have to.


Okay, well that works both ways then right? To your main point of contention: Facebook could continue catering to a low-profit market, but they really shouldn't have to.


@IBdaMac wrote:


The entirety of the Oculus company is built from SCRAPS scraped off of the floor of Facebook.


That couldn't be further from the truth. Oculus was its own entity before being purchased by Facebook in 2014. The DK1 and DK2 were already developed before Facebook was in the picture.


Not to mention the role that Carmack played in the entire VR platform before the Facebook acquisition occurred.


Sorry, but your statement is just wildly inaccurate.

I misused the word ‘built’. I’m well aware of the acquisition, and had my own DK2…so relax.


and you saying it’s wildly inaccurate is pretty narrow minded. They MADE Oculus, even if they weren’t involved with the creation.


But the excitement was lost and he won’t be interested again until it becomes mainstream.

Dude. I’ve heard enough of your attempts at a counter argument because they’re really weak. Mostly because you’re failing to see the point. Stop being such a fanboi and listen.


Every single thing you listed is the result of the natural progression of VR…even most of them were predicted. 

And, as mentioned in a previous post, I (was going to and) have now experienced all of those. Even bought a new router to ensure the 200mbps wirelessly…the experience has been awesome…well, up until tonight, right now, because of exactly what I’m talking about.


The new features are cool man, I’m not complaining about any of those.


However, I’m now at ‘bed time’ during a semi-large family get together. Due to the amount of people, there’s one of the kids on the couch, and of course I brought over my whole desktop for them, but I’m setup on an air mattress near there. 

I figured, ah how perfect is that!! It’s not even midnight…I got a couple more hours in me…I’ll go play some Elite while I chill on the chair…


Oh wait…it’s dark…


Do you have any idea how stupid that is? How it completely goes against any thought put in towards the hardcore gamer, that also just got excited to work on some code? 

THAT is what I’m saying, so just shut up unless you have something useful to say please.

Oh and to those that know what I’m taking about…doing an ‘afk’ build in a type-10 while I have a script I’m working on in an overlayed Linux terminal