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Where is the love for the enthusiasts?

Level 3

I'm sure there are posts about this already, and to be honest, I still want to create another one hoping they'll get the picture.


I just got the Quest 2 after starting with the DK2, and getting my Rift CV1 as part of the first set of preorders (sold out in 14 mins, my email confirmation was :06).


I'm pretty upset with a lot of things about the Quest 2, and I completely understand the reason for the shortcomings; primarily to cut cost. Fine, makes sense.


But where's the 'enthusiast' model for those who have been there since the beginning? Who was hoping that after 6 years, we'd have a little bit better than the Quest 2? 


I don't care about the wireless, I'll never use it without my PC. 


Where is my super-resolution-upgraded, amazing glass, lightweight/comfortable, with amazing sound...and about 20 other improved features of the "Oculus Rift SEV"?? (Super Expensive Version)??


I want to have to upgrade every aspect of my computer to handle the framerate, and I don't even want to realize it's on my head even after 6 hours...


Come on Zuckerberg, you went there yourself and tested out the first Oculus before you bought the company.


How about a little love for those that got just as excited about it as you did? I'd be happy to spend $2k if I thought it was worth it.


@IBdaMac wrote:

I misused the word ‘built’. I’m well aware of the acquisition, and had my own DK2…so relax.


There is no way to spin this misuse of facts. No matter which word is chosen, there is nothing about Oculus' history that says they were built, made, or whatever other synonym you try to conjure, by Facebook.

Oculus was already built/made long before Facebook arrived. Facebook merely acquired them.



@IBdaMac wrote:

They MADE Oculus, even if they weren’t involved with the creation.


Nope, not even close. It was Palmer Luckey who was on the cover of Time Magazine, not Zuckerberg nor Facebook. It was Palmer and Carmack who MADE Oculus. That is why Zenimax issued their lawsuit.



@IBdaMac wrote:

your attempts at a counter argument because they’re really weak. 

Pot/kettle. You keep getting facts and history wrong. Which is a really weak attempt to prove a point.



@IBdaMac wrote:

…I’ll go play some Elite while I chill on the chair…

Oh wait…it’s dark…

Do you have any idea how stupid that is


Yeah, I can see how that's stupid since you could just... go sit outside and turn on the light. You could easily use the Quest 2 outdoors with a porch light. It would be less distracting for your family that is sleeping in the same room since they won't be woken up by the sound of all that... you  know... CLICKING. lol


And if there is a chair in a different room in the house, then use that one. And turn on the light.


Easily solutions aside, all you did here was type something normal in a way that makes it "appear stupid," even though it really isn't. Anyone can do that with anything. Even with something like say, the Valve Index:

  • I am visiting family and want to show them Superhot.
  • Oh wait... I didn't pack my PC and lighthouses, and they don't have the room to set it up here anyway.
  • Do you have any idea how stupid that is?



@IBdaMac wrote:

THAT is what I’m saying, so just shut up unless you have something useful to say please.


So far the only scenario you have been able to invent to validate your grudge against Oculus and Facebook... is that you can't figure out how to play in a room where everyone is asleep at a family gathering. Hardly grounds to demand that others either say something useful or shutup lol

@IBdaMac wrote:

Catering to the enthusiast community, at even a cost, is how this should be operating right now.

You know, this attitude would cause a business to go bankrupt. Then they aren't catering to any market demographic because they are out of business.


Also, have you actually tried wireless PCVR yet? When it works, it can be absolutely amazing. And without the risk of tripping over a cord or breaking your computer and/or cables if the user gets startled, trips, or wanders too far away. Of course, punching a wall is still a real possibility.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

Level 10

As for the "oh wait, it's dark and I can't use my quest 2" complaint... Have you considered an IR illumination? I'm having good luck with using my Steam 1.0 lighthouse trackers as an IR light source. Lower power consumption then turning on 2 to 3 lights. Just the other day while testing that setup out I jumped into Waltz of the Wizards for a while, then watched some tv in VR via Pluto TV, following that up by launching Air Link and playing Star Trek Bridge Crew for a few hours. When finished I shut down Air Link and launched Virtual Desktop to browse the internet while in VR for a while. By the time I shut down the Quest 2 it was after midnight, and I started my VR day at 2pm. I never noticed any tracking issues the entire time. Nor did I have to turn on any lights unless I was using the pass-through cameras to go make a sandwich to eat. Which involved going to areas of the house without an IR light emitter.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

Level 10

I will mention that during my 10 hour VR session, I did plug the Quest 2 into an outlit while watching TV or browsing the internet.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.